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In 2021 in the UK, Ramadan began in the evening of Monday 12 April and will end on Tuesday 11 May.

What is Ramadan?

For the hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world who observe Ramadan, the month is a time to focus on their faith. People raise money and donate supplies to help others in need. Many fast to remind themselves about those in the world who don’t have enough to eat.

When is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The exact dates of Ramadan change every year. This is because Islam uses a calendar based on the cycles of the Moon.

In 2021 in the UK, Ramadan will begin in the evening of Monday 12 April and will end on Tuesday 11 May.

Ramadan starts when the new Moon first appears in the night sky. The full moon marks the middle of Ramadan. As the moon wanes to the other side, Ramadan finishes.

How is Ramadan Celebrated?

Most Muslims fast between dawn and sunset. Fasting allows Muslims to devote themselves to their faith. It is thought to teach self-discipline and reminds them of the suffering of the poor. However, children, pregnant women, elderly people and those who are ill or travelling don't have to fast.

During Ramadan, it is common to have one meal (known as the suhoor), just before sunrise and another (known as the iftar), directly after sunset.

It is a time for prayer and good deeds. They will try to spend time with family and friends and help people in need. 

Many Muslims will attempt to read the whole of the Qur'an at least once during Ramadan. They will also attend special services in Mosques during which the Qur'an is read.

What is Eid ul-Fitr?

The end of Ramadan is marked by a celebration called 'Eid ul-Fitr' which means the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast.

Muslims are not only celebrating the end of fasting, but thanking Allah for the strength he gave them throughout the previous month.

Mosques hold special services and a special meal is eaten during daytime (the first daytime meal for a month). 

Find out more

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Source: BBC Bitesize
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