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OWPS Silent Disco

Over the last ten days, children at OWPS have enjoyed participating in a silent disco.

The Friends of Orton Wistow (FOWS) discos usually take place once a term. They have become a time-honoured tradition at Orton Wistow Primary School. FOWS host three discos a year with teachers and parents giving up their time after school to help at the event. 

But since the Covid-19 pandemic, the discos have not been able to take place.

A few weeks ago, however, Mrs Edwards discovered a company called Silent Disco4U. They were offering 10 days free hire of silent disco headsets to all schools during the lockdown. It seemed the perfect way to offer the children in school a feel-good experience.  

Mrs Ironside, the Music Lead, got in touch with Silent Disco4U. She arranged for 50 wireless headsets to be delivered to the school. The children could use the headset to either dance or take part in a music quiz. Each headset was cleaned thoroughly between uses.

Children of all ages have enjoyed taking part. The Year Three Bubble used the headsets for a quiz and streamed music through Spotify. 

The Year One and Two bubbles had fun disco dancing in the hall with the blue spotlights on. The children loved it. As one Year 1 child said,  'This is awesome!'. The bubbles in the Foundation Stage, Year 5 and Year 6 have also had a turn with the headsets. 

The silent disco has enabled the children to exercise and dance together in the hall. The children were even able to choose which music they listened to on their headset. This meant that different children might be dancing to different songs at the same time.

If you're learning at home, why not take a few minutes to dance to some of your favourite songs? Dancing is a great way to get some exercise and improve your well-being.

We all hope that it won't long before everyone is back in school. We are looking forward to hosting the FOWS School Discos once again! 


Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash