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Big Pedal Update - Week 1

OWPS children, parents and carers have been joining in with The Big Pedal this week.

Big Pedal - Week 1

The first week of the Big Pedal has free-wheeled along without a hitch and we have been delighted by how many parents and children have got involved.

Thank-you to everyone who has scootered, walked or cycled this week, and to the parents and carers who have supported them.

We are currently 3rd on the Leader Board with a total of 1, 467 journeys made this week by bike, scooter, walking and by supporters. Here are the individual class totals:

Class Total Number of Journeys 
Magpies 128
Penguins 110
Elephants 147
Iguanas 169
Giraffes 130
Squirrels 131
Macaws 161
Nightingales 166
Flamingoes 179
Cobras 186
Jaguars 164
Wombats 159
Sharks 111
Toucans 106

Congratulations to the Cobras who are currently leading with the highest number of journeys made for The Big Pedal in week 1.

Hopefully, we can keep going and move up the Leader Board next week.

Dr Bike Visits OWPS

On Tuesday 20th April, Dr Bike came to give everyone's bikes and scooters an MOT.  Sustrans said they had a busy day as every bike shelter across the school was full beyond their capacities! Thanks to their hard work and dedication, Dr Bike managed to check everyone's bikes over.  

Thank you so much to the Sustrans Team East who came out to OWPS!

Looking forward to Week 2

There's still a chance to win a Golden Lock prize if you keep cycling and scootering to school next week.  Let's keep going and make sure that by the end of week 2 OWPS is on top of the leader board!



Photo by Tower Electric Bikes on Unsplash