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A Word from the Chair of Governors

By Mr Bewick, Chair of Governors

For the past 2 years I have been a parent governor and, for much of that time, Chair of Governors at this great school. I have made the decision for personal reasons to hand over the reins to Kirsty Cleworth and hold the position of vice-chair commencing September 2021. Kirsty has a deep education background and will be great in this role.

It sounds obvious, but so much goes into running a school and even more to run a school well. This school is like a well oiled machine and has an amazing team making sure that it runs effectively and efficiently.  No one could have foreseen what was going to happen over the past 18 months - I had the privilege as a governor and a parent to see the extraordinary lengths that the entire school staff put in to ensure our children were both cared for and educated. If you’re like me, I left the lockdowns with a new perspective of teachers and education – it’s rewarding but hard work! It has not been easy for anyone involved – children, parents nor school staff – but I am proud of the entire school community (children, parents, school staff and leadership team) for what it continues to achieve.

So, I’ll still be around but serving in a different capacity from September. Some of the old “normal” will return and we will combine this with some of the newly discovered approaches to give the best possible educational and personal development outcomes for our children.