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Reading Champions 06.11.20

Once again, OWPS children have excelled at reading this week.  As a whole school, each child read on average 6.1 times this week. Well done!

Every time a child reads with an adult at home, they earn a Dojo point towards their class reward.

Our target is that every child reads WITH an adult at home 5 times a week. This week’s class averages were:

Penguins: 7.5

Magpies: 7.3

Elephants: 9.6

Iguanas: 8.6

Giraffes: 4.7

Squirrels: 5.6

Macaws: 4.2

Nightingales: 3.6

Cobras: n/a

Flamingoes: 4.3

Wombats: 5.0

Armadillos: 5.7

Sharks: 6.8

Toucans: 6.4
















Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash