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Foundation Stage

Curriculum Information

The Morning Routine:

Please encourage your child to:

· Hang up their coat

· Put book bag in tray and water bottle in basket

· Self-register for lunch

Spare clothes, boots and splash suits stay in school.  Please ensure your child has a splash suit and boots so they are able to experience our wonderful outside area!

Summer Term 2018-19 Subject Overview




We will continue to promote children's PSED skills through our PRIDE code. 

During our group work sessions children will be encouraged to work more independently, for example organising the resources they need and completing an activity without as much adult support.

We will use ‘question words’ to encourage children to ask and answer questions using ‘how’ ‘what’ ‘why’ and ‘when’ words.

Children will be challenged to extend their own learning by drawing pictures and writing captions and sentences in their play.


We have a maths lesson each day focussing on a range of mathematical concepts.  Every child is then involved in a guided maths session during the week where they can practise and apply their new knowledge.

We will continue our work with addition, subtraction, simple multiplication using ‘lots of’ and division ‘sharing.’  We will use our knowledge of 3d shape and properties to describe the shape of farm buildings and use the language of measure to compare the sizes of our plants. 


After a clutch of eggs arrive we will be investigating non-fiction texts and writing our own instructions on ‘How to look after chicks’.

Following our trip to the farm we will be writing captions and simple sentences to describe farm animals and what happens on a working farm.

We will continue the non-fiction theme by writing a recount about our trip.

Understanding the World/PD/EAD

Our topic this term is ‘All creatures great and small’. We will learn about new life as we observe and look after ‘live eggs’. We will spend time hunting for minibeasts in our garden and discuss habitats.

We will learn about the life-cycle of a chick and how to take care of live little chicks in class.

Our PD work will continue to provide opportunities to develop our fine motor skills as well as playing team games and practising our scooter and balance skills with class balance bikes outside.

Good to know...

We do not have a regular ‘show and tell’ time in school.  However, if your child has a special experience they want to share with us  we would be happy to allow them to show a photograph or artefact,  Please keep in your child’s book bag and let the teacher know you have brought it in.