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Foundation Stage

Curriculum Information

The Morning Routine:

Please encourage your child to:

· Hang up their coat

· Put book bag in tray and water bottle in basket

· Self-register for lunch

Spare clothes, boots and splash suits stay in school.  Please ensure your child has a splash suit and boots so they are able to experience our wonderful outside area!

Autumn Term 2017-18 Subject Overview




Using the Rainbow fish and Blue Penguin stories we will be learning how to share and take turns with our new friends.  We will be exploring the classroom to develop our independence.  Our work in PSED will link to the whole school ‘PRIDE’ code.  This will help us to do our best in school and be polite and respectful to others.  We will learn about the school tool kit dispositions and behaviour code and endeavour to work towards ‘C’ and ‘D’ level behaviours.


We will be playing with a range of resources that will develop our knowledge of number.  We will solve problems, such as finding out how many children are allowed to play in an area in the classroom and how many hot dinners and packed lunches we have.  During whole class learning times we will sing number songs and learn rhymes to help us with number order.  We will learn to count on and back using numbers within 20.  Our work with ‘shape space and measure’ will allow us to find out about shapes in the environment.  We will go on a shape walk to look for 2D and 3D shape and will learn about capacity through water play.


We will develop our speaking and listening skills through negotiation during play times and listening to stories.  Using our class texts we will learn new words and transfer these into learning in other areas of the curriculum.  We will start our phonics lessons and learn new sounds and how to blend sounds together.  We will bring sounds and tricky words home to show you how we are learning to read!

Understanding the World/PD/EAD

Our focus this term is to settle the children into school.  Continuing the story of the Rainbow fish and Blue Penguin we will find out our about the natural world.  Our PD activities will focus on moving in a variety of ways, as sea creatures too!  We will also develop fine motor skills such as drawing and using scissors.  Our craft activities will include mixing paint for our rainbow fish display and making shiny scales.  We will begin to build a repertoire of songs that we will enjoy in class and outside in our ‘amphitheatre’.  Our ICT work will allow us to learn how to use a range of programmes on class computers and iPads.

Good to know...

We do not have a regular ‘show and tell’ time in school.  However, if your child has a special experience they want to share with us  we would be happy to allow them to show a photograph or artefact,  Please keep in your child’s book bag and let the teacher know you have brought it in.

After half-term we will  begin our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions.  This is an opportunity for you to come and enjoy a morning in school and stay for lunch.  Please  book in with your child’s teacher. Sound books will come home on a Thursday starting from Thursday 28th September.  Please practise at home for a few minutes a day.  Your child will be issued with a reading book when we feel this is appropriate to their stage of development.  We also visit the library weekly, your child will have a book to share with you.