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Foundation Stage

Curriculum Information

The Morning Routine:

Please encourage your child to:

· Hang up their coat

· Put book bag in tray and water bottle in basket

· Self-register for lunch

Spare clothes, boots and splash suits stay in school.  Please ensure your child has a splash suit and boots so they are able to experience our wonderful outside area!

Spring Term 2018-19 Subject Overview




We will be using our friendship skills to make new friends in the playground.  We will be learning about the school ‘learning toolkit’ as we will involved in ‘shining star’ and ‘honours’ assemblies for working especially well in the classroom and taking responsibility for their learning and caring for others.


We have a maths lesson each day focussing on numeral recognition to 20 and learning a range of mathematical concepts.  We will be learning about sharing evenly using practical resources.  We will revisit the areas of learning we started in the Autumn term to consolidate our knowledge of simple addition and subtraction.  We will be using the language of ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ when describing how many objects we see.  We will continue to develop our knowledge of shape, space and measure, linking this to cooking activities.


We will be continuing to develop our communication and language skills during all classroom activities.  We will play ‘Rally Robin’ to ensure we are speaking clearly and listening to others.  We are moving onto new sounds in our phonics lessons and consolidating our knowledge of phase 2 sounds.  Starting with the book ‘Iris and Isaac’ we will be using our phonic skills learned in the Autumn term to write simple words and captions using punctuation, capital letters, finger spaces, full stops.

Understanding the World/PD/EAD

Our topic this term is ‘Frosty and Frozen.’  We will learn about cold environments such as the Arctic and Antarctic and how these differ from where we live.  We will investigate which animals live in these areas and use the ‘frozen’ theme to find out about ice and melting.  We will investigate different types of materials and how they change.  Our creative work will focus on colour mixing to paint ‘cold’ pictures as well as collage and messy activities to learn about form and texture.  We will develop our team work skills when using our outdoor toys safely and our fine motor skills will focus on correct pencil grip for letter formation.

Good to know...

We do not have a regular ‘show and tell’ time in school.  However, if your child has a special experience they want to share with us  we would be happy to allow them to show a photograph or artefact,  Please keep in your child’s book bag and let the teacher know you have brought it in.