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Home Learning

Spellings, reading (a minimum of 3 times a week) and times table practise at home will be assigned weekly by your class teacher. 

Want to do more at home?

Here is a list of suggested extra tasks and projects which relate to your child's year group programme of study and topics.  

Maths - times tables and division number facts. - times tables rockstars.

  1. Create a game of ‘Snap’ using Roman numerals that we still use today.

  2. Compose a song that allows you to remember tricky times tables.

  3. Create a secret message using a secret key (Roman numerals as letters of the alphabet A = I, etc)

  4. Create a maths quiz on an area that you feel confident to teach other children.


  1. Research Roman Gods and design your own God. Write a mythological story (or comic) involving your God and present it to a family member.

  2. Write a diary entry from the point of view of a Celt when their village has been taken over by the Romans.

  3. Make a Roman dish and write instructions on how to prepare it. Take a photo and show us!

  4. Research and create a list of Roman emperors, including a timeline of important dates.

Topic: Hot and Cold

Websites:  Online encyclopedia with lots of information about all Year 3 topics.

Fantastic website for accessing materials and games for all areas of the curriculum. Information about climate zones

Lots of short film clips about weather and climate Kids National Geographic site

Lots of games and information about countries, capitals and flags

Watching Blue Planet II or any other suitable documentary such as ‘Deadly 60’


Places to visit:

Peterborough Museum

Nature reserves

Planet Bounce (for learning about gravity)

Ferry Meadows

Books to read:

Narratives and Information books about different countries and climates around the world.        


Things to make/ iDiscover:

Something to keep you warm in a cold climate.

Something to keep you cool in a hot climate.

A board game, using information you have found out about hot and cold climates.

Fact file, or ‘Top Trumps’ style games, with information about different countries.

Try out some recipes from countries with hot or cold climates.

Create a fact file about a country of your choice.

Research some art from another country (eg African patterns). Can you try these out using different art materials.

Diorama of changing climates (3D model)

Artwork to represent the changing landscape of Planet Earth

Choose a country or climate of your choice, and create a project about any aspect of the country, presented however you choose.

Making a rain gauge to investigate the different rainfall for different days or months    

Saving water project