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Home Learning

Spellings, reading (a minimum of 3 times a week) and times table practise at home will be assigned weekly by your class teacher. 

Want to do more at home?

Here is a list of suggested extra tasks and projects which relate to your child's year group programme of study and topics.  

Maths - times tables and division number facts. - times tables rockstars.

  1. Create a game of ‘Snap’ using Roman numerals that we still use today.

  2. Compose a song that allows you to remember tricky times tables.

  3. Create a secret message using a secret key (Roman numerals as letters of the alphabet A = I, etc)

  4. Create a maths quiz on an area that you feel confident to teach other children.


  1. Research Roman Gods and design your own God. Write a mythological story (or comic) involving your God and present it to a family member.

  2. Write a diary entry from the point of view of a Celt when their village has been taken over by the Romans.

  3. Make a Roman dish and write instructions on how to prepare it. Take a photo and show us!

  4. Research and create a list of Roman emperors, including a timeline of important dates.

Topic: Stone Age, Celts and Romans

Websites: - Stone Age information for ks2 - Romans information for ks2 - Celts information for ks2 - Useful information for Stone Age, Celts and Romans

Places to visit:

Stone Henge and Avebury (both in Wiltshire), Peterborough Museum, 

Books to read:

Horrible Histories- Cut throat Celts, Rotten Romans and Savage Stone Age. 

Things to make:

Build an important element of Roman life (catapult, shield, village, colosseum, etc), create a Roman coin, using your own face and date of birth in numerals, draw or paint a picture from Celtic times, design your own Celtic knot, dress up at someone from Roman times, take a picture and write a caption.