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Home Learning

Spellings, reading (a minimum of 3 times a week) and times table practise at home will be assigned weekly by your class teacher. 

Want to do more at home?

Here is a list of suggested extra tasks and projects which relate to your child's year group programme of study and topics.  


  • Times table rockstars

  • Topmarks interactive games

  • Oswego times tables

  • Stop the Clock (Levels 2-5)




  • Storybirds

  • Woodlands

  • Oxford Illustrated Dictionary and Thesaurus

Topic: Anglo Saxons and Vikings



Bitesize -

Interactive Anglo-Saxon Village - 

Explore the Anglo-Saxon way of life -

Explore the Viking way of life -

Watch a series of Viking Sagas -

Places to visit:

West Stow

Flag Fen

Stanwick Lakes - Anglo Saxon round house

Jorvik Viking Centre

Books to read

  • Horrible Histories, Smashing Saxons
  • Horrible Histories, Viscious Vikings
  • Usborne,  Norse Myths
  • Usborne, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
  • True Lives, The Viking Adventurer, Eric the Red
  • Beowulf, Michael Morpurgo

Things to make and do

  • Build a 3D model from Viking times (longship, helmet, shield, sword)
  • Draw or paint a picture of a Viking warrior
  • Design your own Anglo-Saxon rune
  • Design and create your own Anglo-Saxon illuminated letter
  • Create your own Anglo-Saxon house
  • Dress up as someone from Viking times, take a picture and write a caption underneath to describe your story
  • Research and write a list of the different parts of a Viking longship, e.g. shield
  • Write a diary entry written from the point of a Viking villager whose home has been taken over by Anglo-Saxon warriors
  • Research Viking Gods and design your own.
  • Create a poster with your favourite facts about the Vikings/Anglo-Saxons
  • Write your own secret message written in Anglo-Saxon runes
  • Write a Viking myth.