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Home Learning

Spellings, reading (a minimum of 3 times a week) and times table practise at home will be assigned weekly by your class teacher. 

Want to do more at home?

Here is a list of suggested extra tasks, websites and projects which relate to your child's year group programme of study and topics.  

Maths - good for sequencing and ordering numbers to 100 - particularly useful for number bonds to 10 and 20 - a range of useful interactive games - The Big Numbers Song - a fun way to learn to count to 1 trillion!!

English - log in for free you can access a large range of ebooks arranged in book band levels images to use for stimulus for reading or literacy activities - different every day and you can print off questions for most images too. - free access to phonics phases 1-6, with a range of interactive fun games to improve phonics knowledge - fun and exciting games to imorove phonics knowledge. - adding capital letters and full stops to sentences.

Topic: Rainforest

Websites: - a short video about plants and animals in the rainforest.


Places to visit:

Cambridge Botanical gardens, Leicester Botaqnical gardens and Bugtopia at Rutland Water are excellent places to visit to learn about rainforest animals and plants.


Books to read: - This website has a HUGE list of books about the rainforest.                                     


Things to make: - A bank of ideas for rainforest craft activities.

Idiscover: - A fun activity to make a rainforest in a jar.