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Home Learning

Spellings, reading (a minimum of 3 times a week) and times table practise at home will be assigned weekly by your class teacher. 

Want to do more at home?

Here is a list of suggested extra tasks, websites and projects which relate to your child's year group programme of study and topics.  

Maths - good for sequencing and ordering numbers to 100 - particularly useful for number bonds to 10 and 20 - a range of useful interactive games - The Big Numbers Song - a fun way to learn to count to 1 trillion!!

English - log in for free you can access a large range of ebooks arranged in book band levels images to use for stimulus for reading or literacy activities - different every day and you can print off questions for most images too. - free access to phonics phases 1-6, with a range of interactive fun games to improve phonics knowledge - fun and exciting games to imorove phonics knowledge. - adding capital letters and full stops to sentences.

Topic: Toys

Places to visit:

Sudbury Hall Museum of Childhood  (Staffordshire) is an excellent hands on interactive museum designed to showcase toys from the past through to the present. - a whole variety of different museums throughout the UK from as far away as Edinburgh to closer to home!

Books to read:

Toys in Space’ by Mini Grey ‘Traction Man is Here’ by Mini Grey ‘Kipper’s Toybox’ by Mick Inkpen ‘Threadbear’ by Mick Inkpen ‘Just Like Jasper’ by Nick Butterworth ‘Lost in the Toy Museum: An Adventure’ by David Lucas ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes ‘The Toys’ Party’ by Roderick Hunt ‘Toys Galore’ by Peter Stein ‘That’s Not My Teddy’ by Fiona Watt ‘The Toymaker’ by Martin Waddell ‘Old Bear’ by Jane Hissey ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ by Jez Alborough ‘This is the Bear’ by Sarah Hayes  ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ (picture book version) by Margery Williams ‘Spot’s Toy Box’ by Eric Hill ‘Brown Paper Bear’ by Neil Reed ‘The Teddy Bear’ by David McPhail ‘The Bedtime Bear’ by Ian Whybrow ‘Doll’s House’ by Roger Priddy ‘The Magical Toybox’ by Melanie Joyce ‘Toys and Games’ by Sally Hewitt ‘What Was It Like in the Past: Toys’ by Kamini Khanduri ‘In the Past: Toys’ by Dereen Taylor ‘Toys (Start-Up History)’ by Stewart Ross ‘Toys in the Past’ by Joanna Brundle                                    

Things to make:


elastic band wind up toys/balloon powered cars/spinning tops/peg dolls/paper kites/elastic band jump ropes for French skipping/board games.