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Multi Academy Trust

Application to form the OWN Academy Trust

Please see attachment below the collated results from the MAT consultation process. As there was no significant objection from any group in the consultation process, the governors of the school decided to progress with their application to become an academy and to form the OWN Trust.

An application was submitted to the DfE and it is due to be heard by the Headteacher Board in mid-May.


The school Governing Body has been carefully considering the future strategy for Orton Wistow Primary School given current Government policy on education and the running of schools.

Our school is performing well with a current Ofsted judgement of Good. However, in an increasingly challenging educational landscape we recognise that maintaining and improving school performance needs a more robust and sustainable plan.

The proposed plan

Governors and Headteachers from three primary schools in Peterborough have been exploring deeper school-to-school partnership for a few months, having already seen some of the benefits of working with other schools.

•          Nene Valley Primary School 

•          Orton Wistow Primary School 

•          Woodston Primary School?

The proposal is to create the OWN Multi Academy Trust, a new multi academy trust. We are confident that the OWN Multi Academy Trust would enable each school to flourish through greater collaboration and joint working between member schools.

The proposed multi academy trust would be established in August 2018 by all three schools, which would each convert to academy status.

We have set out in more detail the plan, benefits, vision and management of the proposed OWN Multi Academy Trust in the attached document.

Consultation on the proposed plan

Governors wish to consult with parents, carers, staff, students and the wider school community on the proposal. The consultation will run from Monday, February 19t until Friday, March 16th.

We invited parents and carers to attend a meeting at Orton Wistow Primary School at 2pm or 6pm, on Wednesday 28th February.

Our Headteacher, Simon Eardley, and Governor representative made a brief presentation before giving the chance to ask questions. We will now conduct a survey to understand your views before making a final decision in March 2018.

Thank you to all of the parents who braved the snow to attend our MAT consultation meetings. The questions you asked will be collated with those asked at the other two schools, and a Q and A document will be shared with you next week. You will also be sent a questionnaire to complete, should you so wish.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Foreman                        Simon Eardley

Chair of Governors                 Headteacher