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Year 1

Curriculum Information

Termly Topics
Autumn Spring Summer
Toys Rainforest Seaside
Autumn Term 2018-19 Subject Overview


In English we will start with the book 'Toys in Space'. We will learn to retell and sequence a story looking at what happens at the start, middle and end of a familiar text. We will then go onto the well known ‘Old Bear’ series of stories by Jane Hissey. With ‘Old Bear’ as a stimulus, we will be sequencing, describing characters and eventually writing our own version of the ‘Lost Trousers’ story. These tales link with our topic and will also link with history and materials in Science. As we move towards Christmas we explore our first ‘Power of Reading’ text of the year  – an Afro Caribbean story called ‘The Sweetest Song’. We finish the term looking at the perennial favourite ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’. We are also excited to start our phonics lessons which will be interactive, fun and will build on what the children have learnt in Foundation Stage.

In Maths, we are following our new maths scheme ‘Maths – No Problem!’ and start off the year making sure we are all secure at counting and writing our number from 0-10. We will look at digit formation and practice writing these numbers as words. We will then move onto looking at numbers bonds, before spending some time working on addition and subtraction. We will introduce a range of strategies designed to help the children solve addition and subtraction problems. In the second half term, we will grapple with Position, ordering and comparing numbers to 20, and writing numbers to 20 in both digit and word form.

Our Science our topic this term is materials. We will be learning to recognise and name everyday materials including wood, plastic, metal, glass, water and rock. Children will then experiment to discover the best material to make an umbrella to keep a teddy dry. As the seasons change we will be making a weather station and learn to take readings to compare the changes from Autumn to Winter.

In Computing we will start off by understanding what is meant by the term ’technology’. We will then be looking at technology outside school – this will involve a walk around our local area to see if we can spot examples of technology in the community around us. We will then move on to logging off and on our Chromebooks, and start to develop our typing skills. We will spend several weeks improving our typing, ensuring we use both hands, know how to type capital letters etc. Hopefully we will be typing complete sentences by Christmas!

In D.T this term, we will be designing, making and evaluating our own PRIDE lion to put on display around the classroom.  
As the main theme of our topic Toys is history based, we will cover a lot of our historical learning this term. We will focus on the history of the Teddy bear, sequence toys by their age and learn games from the past which will hopefully include a visit from a grandparent. We will compare childrens’ TV programmes from the 1960’s (Mrs Ironside’s childhood), the 1990’s (Miss Ellis’ childhood) and the current day. We will also learn about Queen Victoria and the toys children played with during that era.
In R.E we will be focusing on Christianity and exploring the beliefs, how Christian’s worship and we are also hoping to visit a more unconvential place of Christian worship!


PSHE and circle times this term will focus on the topics ‘Myself and my relationships’ which include how we are special and how to get along with other people.

We follow the music scheme Charanga, and will be having fun with units of work based around catchy tunes. We will compare and contrast different musical styles and have the opportunity to compose and perform our own pieces of work.

Our art lessons this term will focus on the work of natural artist Andy Goldwsorthy. We will create our own natural art installation from autumn leaves and twigs.

Our PE lessons continue. In our outdoor PE on a Tuesday we will try out some basketball skills, while our indoor PE on Thursday will concentrate on dance.