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Year 1

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Summer Term 2018-19 Subject Overview



Our term starts almost immediately with our family learning morning where children and carers will become more familiar with the Year 1 expectations in spelling, punctuation and grammar. As Writers we will be working with the key text ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. This books links in perfectly with our seaside topic. Whilst reading the book we will be examining the feelings of the characters, writing diary entries and comparing this text to others within the series. We will end up writing our own version of the text.

After half term, our work will be based around the amazing book ‘Lost Words’, specifically focusing on ‘dandelion’ as our inspiration. This links nicely to our science unit too. We will also explore other texts and genres.


As Mathematicians we will be building on our learning from the Autumn and Spring terms. We will examine the concept of division and see how it is related to multiplication. We’ll then explore fractions, learn how to tell the time and recognise and learn how to handle money! Our Maths No Problem scheme of work has us moving on to volume and capacity, and mass before finishing the year with a unit on space – describing position and movement. We will hopefully be getting out and about on the playground to do this unit in very practical ways!


In Science will be learning about the new seasons as we come to them, however our focused learning with be about what plants need to grow. During this time we will be learning about the parts of a plant, what a plant needs to live and looking at plants in our local environment. We will be performing an experiment with cress seeds to determine what happens if they are denied light and/or water. We will be predicting what we think will happen and carefully observing the plants development over the course of two weeks to see if our predictions were correct. We will also be learning about the life of a famous naturalist and are excited to find out about David Attenborough. We will of course be returning to the East of England Showground to see how our potatoes and celery have grown.


As Computer Scientists we will be learning about algorithms and writing our own. We will learn to debug a program and use Purple Mash to develop these skills.  We will also use bee-bots to support our programming and coding skills. We are fortunate that the Digital Leaders will be coming down to Year 1 to support our learning.


Our D.T learning this term will be linked to the text ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We will be examining existing lunchboxes for good design ideas before designing and  evaluating our own lunch boxes made from recyclables. They will need to be able to withstand being slid down a wire as they transport the lunch from Mrs Grinling to Mr Grinling. This is always a highlight of the summer term as we physically test out our designs on the playground, armed with water pistols to emulate the wild and stormy seas!!


We are taking part in an exciting week called ‘The power of pictures’ where we will spend our time immersed in Edgar Degas’ painting ‘Beach Scene’. This interesting painting lends itself to our topic of the seaside. Each subject taught during this week will be drawn from this image. We are really looking forward to this week!


As Geographers, we will be understanding the features of the seaside. We will explore life on an island, understand about jobs, tourism and renewable energy linked to the sea. Our trip to Skegness towards the end of the term will allow us to see our learning in action!


Our history this term focusses on life in Victorian times and linking it to our seaside topic. We will learn how Victorians travelled to the seaside, what they wore once they got there and what they did for entertainment such as ‘Punch and Judy’ shows. We will be comparing these to our own seaside experiences.


In R.E this term we will be focusing our learning around Sikhism, comparing and contrasting Sikh practices with the other world religions Christian and Islam that we have already studied.


We are really excited to introduce our first STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) week. During this week, all of our learning will be based around the theme of journeys. We can’t wait to find out what we’re going to be doing …


In PSHE we will be looking at risk taking and staying safe. During this time we will understand who can help us in the community, develop the skills needed when we become lost and finally understand the dangers of road traffic. We will learn how to stay safe as both a pedestrian and as a car passenger.


In P.E this term we will be having both indoor and outdoor sessions. Our indoor sessions before half term will be focused around gymnastic skills of creating balances and our outdoor sessions will be focused on throwing and catching. After half term, we will be using an outside provider to teach us dance, while we will be practising speed, agility and quickness skills in our outside sessions.


Our final 2 units of music for the year are called ‘Your Imagination’ and ‘Reflect, Rewind, and Replay’. We will continue our musical learning by contrasting different pieces of music to discover which we prefer, consider the tempo and dynamics of each piece and learn to both sing and play instruments in time to the music. We will also have our final afternoon exploring some of the music from the BBC’s 10 Pieces, this time exploring a piece by the modern composer Kerry Andrew. We are also very excited that all of KS1 will be visited by the Britten Sinfonia with their wonderful musical adaptation ‘Professor Astro Cat’ This should be a real treat!