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Year 2

Curriculum Information

Termly Topics
Autumn Spring Summer
The Great Fire of London Castles Minibeasts
Autumn Term 2018-19 Subject Overview



We will be covering place value, number facts and counting at the beginning of the Autumn Term. We will consolidate and build on work from Year 1 on addition and subtraction.  After half term, we will work on multiplying by 2, 5 and 10, before moving to work on length and mass.  In line with the rest of the school, we will be using the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme to deliver lessons.


Using our Power of Reading focus text ‘The Lonely Beast’ as a stimulus, we will be writing letters and diaries. We will link the genres to our topic by also writing diaries about the Great Fire from the viewpoint of Samuel Pepys. Phonics teaching, in particular spelling, will focus on our application of alternative graphemes, before we move to look in more detail at the Year 2 grammar and spelling objectives.


Our topic for this term is materials. We will be looking at the uses of everyday materials including wood, plastic, metal, glass, brick, paper and cardboard. Children will then go on to compare the suitability of different everyday materials for different purposes. They will explore how objects made of some everyday materials can change shape and how the recycling process is able to reuse some everyday materials numerous times. We will conduct scientific enquiries to look at the suitability of materials, including an investigation involving waterproofing.


This term, our focus will be on Spreadsheets.  We will be learning what a spreadsheet is and what it can be used for, practising copying, pasting and totals, using spreadsheets to add amounts, and use a spreadsheet to create a table and a block graph.

Design Technology

We will be designing, making and evaluating a Pudding Lane house. It will link to our work in Science on materials by building structures that are stable and strong.


We will be exploring the painting ‘The great Fire of London, 1666,’ by Jan Griffier and using different mediums to create our own interpretation of this.


We will learn about the key events of the Great Fire of London, and begin to develop an understanding of the ways in which we can find out about the past through discussing primary sources. We will be introduced to Samuel Pepys and his infamous diary. The children will have the opportunity to increase their awareness of the past by comparing and contrasting past and present-day London, as well as looking at how life was different in the 17th century.


Our focus this term is Buddhism.  We will be learning about the main beliefs and practices of the religion.  Each lesson will be themed around a key question, for example ‘what is it like to be a Buddhist?’ and ‘what is the significance of the lotus flower?’


PSHE and circle times this term will focus on the topics ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Family and Friends’.


Indoor sessions focus this term on gymnastics. Outdoor sessions focus on cricket.