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Year 2

Curriculum Information

Termly Topics
Autumn Spring Summer
The Great Fire of London Castles Minibeasts
Spring Term 2017-18 Subject Overview



We will continue to build on place value work completed in the Autumn Term alongside focus time on addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. We will cover strategies to use to develop mental arithmetic, including the use of a blank number line and partitioning number. We will also work on 2D and 3D shape and describing their properties.


Our Power of Reading text this term is ‘The Princess and the White Bear.’ It is a story that shows how love can be reclaimed through perseverance, endurance and compassion.

Children will be learning to talk confidently about picture books and responses individual to them. The children will be exploring the story through a variety of teaching approaches including drama and role-play and they will be writing in role from more than one perspective.

Our non-fiction focus this term will be based around our topic, ‘Castles.’ The children will be researching, planning, editing and publishing a fact file on this topic.

After half term we will be having a poetry focused week exploring the Power of Reading text, ‘Poems to Perform.’ These poems have been selected to reflect the best of poems to perform across a broad range of time, poets and styles.

We will also be exploring the genre of fantasy stories. We will start by reading and role playing lots of dragon themed texts to inspire writing. We will then use Boxing Clever to plan a story structure before writing, editing and publishing our own dragon stories.


As Scientists, we will learn how humans and other animals are born, grow and change, and what we need to survive and be healthy. We will classify different kinds of animal babies, learn about the basic needs that are shared by humans and animals, and research the differing needs of animals within our care. Focusing on our own experiences, we will explore the need for humans to eat a varied diet, to keep clean, and to take regular exercise.


We will be using a variety of software to manipulate and present digital content and information. We will collect, organise and present data and information in digital content. We will then use these skills to create a digital fact file based on our Castles topic.

Design Technology

As design technologists, we will be exploring where food comes from, how to plan a dish with consideration for dietary needs and preparing a dish safely. This will be delivered within the context of designing and making a dish for a castles themed banquet.


We will be basing our work this term on ‘Castle and the Sun’ by Paul Klee. We will be using a variety of media, including watercolours, oil pastels and mixed media to recreate our own representation of this piece.

After half term we will be using the story ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ by Pie Corbett to design and create our own collaborative and individual dragons.


In Geography we will be learning about the location of countries, continents and oceans of the world in relation to the position of the United Kingdom and Peterborough. We will look at the position of the seven continents and five oceans of the world and understand that the world is spherical. In addition, we will use atlases, world maps and globes in the context of the positioning of castles, recognising their human and physical features.


In R.E this term we will be focusing our learning around Judaism. We will analyse important stories and symbols in Judaism, as well as thinking about influential figures. We will also be making comparisons between the life of a Jew in Peterborough to the life of a Jew in other parts of the world.


We will begin to understand what money is, where it might come from and that it is a finite resource, which we can use in a variety of ways.

We will explore the difference between needs and wants and the choices spending money might involve. We will consider how the choices we make might affect ourselves and others. We will learn how we might plan and save money for later use. In the course of our work we will use simple records and explore different ways of paying, including a range of cards and situations. We will begin to understand that we can have a range of changing feelings about money, which we need to manage. We will explore what a charity is and what it might do.


We have two outdoor sessions a week in the Spring Term. These will focus on throwing and catching skills, multi skills and team games.