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Year 3

Curriculum Information

Termly Topics
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Stone Age, Celts and Romans Hot and Cold Them Bones!
Summer Term 2018-19 Subject Overview




Our writing will be focused around 3 main texts this term using the Power of Reading approach to develop writing skills. We will begin the term looking at The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Then we will move onto George’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl. We will also have 2 theme weeks looking at the beautiful text The Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris and finally an art inspired writing week from The Power of Pictures.  


In maths we will be using the Maths No Problem mastery approach where we will continue to develop calculation skills alongside studying fractions, time, graphs, lines, shape and perimeter.  Additionally, our times tables fluency and speed will be worked on using mental maths strategies in weekly arithmetic sessions.


Our topic for the final term of Year 3 will be ‘Them Bones’ which will cover Animals including Humans’ allowing us to study circulatory systems, skeletons, healthy diet and major organs of the body.


We will be continuing to develop our word processing and typing skills alongside simulations this term, allowing us to understand simple behaviour, functions and abstract or physical properties of computer programs.


We will be immersing the children in DT by setting projects to solve real world problems. This term looking at solar energy to support development of electricity in rural Zimbabwe. Pupils will investigate how to make different circuits which include solar cells. They then look at the requirements for electricity by different people in a community and make decisions on how a fixed amount of solar cells should be allocated based on needs


We begin the term by studying the human skeleton and recreating our own in 3D. We then complete a close feature study of the human eye. Pupils will use sketching skills to draw a detailed likeness of their own eye. We will also complete a compare and contrast study on 2 famous artists.


In History, we will be studying the timeline of medicine by ordering and researching significant medical events from BC to modern times. We will explore the ways in which medicine has developed and compare treatments as they have evolved over time.


In Geography pupils will study land use with the chance to carefully look at the places around them and begin to look for patterns in land use. They will become cartographers, making maps of our local area and considering where different types of farming activities occur within the UK.


This term, we will be learning about beliefs and practices in Sikhism. Exploring the customs, religious festivals and special places, scriptures and people within the Sikh faith as well as identifying the links Sikhism has to other religions.


All the learning this term is focused around two songs and 1 piece of music. The first is, ‘Bringing Us Together’ and the next is ‘Dragon Song’ both by Joanna Mangona and Pete Readman. They both have PSHE themed lyrics where the children will explore friendship alongside an integrated approach to music where games, elements of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch), singing and playing instruments are all linked.  As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with these songs, children will listen and appraise other songs.


Through circle time and other activities, children will explore the themes of Risk, looking at fire safety, road safety and water safety and then moving on to studying contexts with pupils to help them understand the range of risks there are in different activities and how they can take responsibility for limiting risk to themselves and others. We will continue to prompt E-safety and Anti-Bullying with regular lessons and assemblies across the term.


We will continue to develop skills of speaking, reading and writing in French through games, songs and other activities.  Our theme this term is ‘Tell me a story’


Indoor PE will explore Dance in the first half term, which will be taught by our professional dance teacher, Chloe; followed by Gymnastics in the second half term . Outdoor PE will focus on SAQ and swimming will continue across the term. We have visits from professional athletes and Sports Day will also take place this term.