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Year 4

Curriculum Information

Termly Topics
Autumn Spring Summer
Anglo Saxons and Vikings Healthy Eating The Water Cycle
Spring Term 2018-19 Subject Overview



Using the Power of Reading approach Year 4 will explore the book Krindlekrax, the story of a mysterious lizard that lurks in Lizard Street.

We will use the text to develop skills of inference and make inferences of characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions. We will write in role in order to explore and develop understanding of character. We will write a range of texts in role based on fictional experiences and use the text to write non-chronological reports.


We will be continuing to use the Maths No Problem scheme this term. We will be covering further Multiplication and Division, Graphs, Fractions and Time. We will be focusing on allowing the children opportunities to deepen their mathematical understanding of all of these areas in order to develop a level of mastery. We will also be working on the bar model during calculation sessions.


Our topic for this half term is Animals Including Humans where we will be investigating the digestive system and then comparing animal and human teeth. After half term we will be exploring the topic of Electricity.


In computing this term we will be using Lego We Do kits to build and program different models. We will be revisiting our coding learning and using debugging skills to improve our work. 


In Design and Technology this term we will be learning about healthy Eating. We are analyzing different salads to create healthy salad plate and will be using the healthy eating plate to support our understanding of food groups. 


In Geography we will be finding out ‘Where in the World’ our food comes from. We will be looking at why different countries grow different crops and we will consider the cost of food miles and how we can reduce them.


In History we will be looking at how diet has changed in Britain over the last century and consider how healthy the diets are what caused the changes over time.

Religious Education

In RE, this term we will be learning about Hinduism. We will focus on places that Hindus worship, important books that they follow and festivals that they celebrate every year.


PSHE and circle times this term will focus on the topics Healthy Eating and Safer Lifestyles where we will be teaching the year groups about safe risks, keeping ourselves safe through diet, exercise and the dangers drug use and benefits of drugs use as medicines. 


In French this term be will be learning about animals. We will learn new vocabulary and use it in simple sentences. We will also continue to review the French phrases and vocabulary that we already know.


In PE, this term we will be developing our gymnastics skills. We will explore different types of balances and how we can use different apparatus to perform those balances. We will also develop our speed, agility and quickness skills.