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Year 4

Curriculum Information

Termly Topics
Autumn Spring Summer
Anglo Saxons and Vikings Healthy Eating The Water Cycle
Summer Term 2018-19 Subject Overview



Using the Power of Reading approach Year 4 will explore the book Oliver and the Seawigs. We will be developing our narrative writing by using imagery and description and applying the skills of paragraphing and fronted adverbials alongside developing our vocabulary use.


This term we will be continuing to work with the Maths No Problem scheme to cover work on Time on the 24 hour clock; rounding and comparing decimals; problem solving using money; measuring and converting mass, volume and length, finding area, using angles within shapes and writing Roman Numerals.


Our topic for this half term is States of Matter. The children will be using their scientific skills to investigate, plan, record and observe a range of materials and how they change state.


We will be developing our understanding of animation. We will learn about how animations are made and develop our skills in using stop animation and onion skinning with the use of 2Animate on Purple Mash. We will apply the skills we have learned by creating an animation based on the story of a raindrop, in connection to our water cycle topic.


During our whole school STEM week this term, in Design and Technology, we will use research and develop design criteria to inform the design and testing of a boat. The boats the children make will then be launched to test their design and to see if they are fit for purpose.


In Geography we will be learning about The Water Cycle. The children will be exploring the course of a river and will learn about the features that are found from the source to the mouth. We will study rivers from around the world and create our own river dance. We will also explore water pollution and how it could be managed.


We will be taking part in an exciting collaborative art project entitled ‘the story of water’ this term. This project will be run by Metal (Peterborough Art Hub) and with the support of the British Council. More details to follow soon!

Religious Education

Religious Education will focus on Hinduism this term. We will be exploring what it is like to be a Hindu living in Peterborough; how and where Hindu’s worship; exploring Hindu festivals.


In PSHE, we will be focusing on drug education. The children will learn about medical and illegal drugs and who takes them. We will also explore the ways of storing medicine and what we should do if we find something unusual.


Quel temps fait-il? Our French unit of study this term focuses on the weather.


In PE, we will be learning the rules of cricket. We will take part in a variety of drills and activities to help us develop our cricket skills and apply them to game situations. We will also take part in a variety of athletic topics where the children will enhance their throwing, catching, jumping and running skills. We will also develop our dance and gymnastic skills.