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Year 5

Curriculum Information

Termly Topics
Autumn Spring Summer
Egypt Earth and Space Natural Disasters
Autumn Term 2018-19 Subject Overview



In English we will start the term by using our Ancient Egyptian topic as a stimulus for writing a persuasive argument, investigating graphic novels and a study of traditional texts, with Egyptian Cinderella. We will also look at the Power of Reading text of The Viewer in the second half of the term. Areas of grammar, punctuation and spelling taught will be embedded into all elements of writing and our Book Talk sessions will provide the children the opportunity to delve into these text types.


In Maths this term we will be covering, number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and statistics. We will be exploring the place value of numbers up to one million, as well as ordering and comparing them. In addition to this we will use column methods for addition and subtraction. To aid learning within the classroom, practical equipment will be used and problem solving elements will have a real life context.


In Science we will focus on Animals including Humans this half term. We will explore the human lifecycle, growth of babies and changes in old age. Here the children will demonstrate their learning through using role-play, written work and maths, for example: interpreting given data and representing it using graphs.


In Computing we will be learning how touch type. This will lend itself to later using Purple Mash, Disco typing and Google Slides to showcase our typing skills to produce a booklet about life in Ancient Egypt.


We will research into Egyptian breads and investigate flavour, texture and appearance, before making some of our own. These products will then be evaluated to complete the design process.


Art incorporates many aspects, and this term the children will analyse some traditional Egyptian artwork, produced on papyrus. They will then practise some of the drawing techniques before having to re-scale a section of the artwork, which will then be painted and pieced back together, creating a much larger collage. We will also be making our own Egyptian masks and a cartouche.


Our historical topic will allow children to learn where Ancient Egypt fits in relation to other ancient civilisations. We will immerse ourselves into asking who the Egyptians were, why the River Nile was so important and learn about the seasons of farming. Later, we will investigate why and how the pyramids were built, who were some of the gods and goddesses as well as the process of mummification.

Religious Education

Christianity is our theme for R.E this term. We will learn, discuss and answer questions to see how Christian beliefs affect their day to day life, why Christians worship and look at how the Bible influences the decisions Christians make.


Our P.S.H.E topic this term will be focussed on ‘Beginning and Belonging’ and ‘My Emotions and Body Image’. Throughout the unit children will have the opportunities to collaborate with other children and learn how to make the classroom a safe and happy place.


Our outdoor PE this half term will be hockey and children will develop their skills in passing, defending and attacking. They will also be encouraged to build on their teamwork and communication skills. Our indoor PE this term will focus on gymnastics and dance. Children will look at elements of balance, travel and sequencing, performing short routines to music and providing peers with constructive feedback.


For French we follow the EuroStars Scheme of work and this term the children will look at the unit titled ‘Notre Ecole’ learning all about their school, subjects and begin to express their likes and dislikes.