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Year 5

Curriculum Information

Termly Topics
Autumn Spring Summer
Egypt Earth and Space Natural Disasters
Spring Term 2018-19 Subject Overview



We will begin the term looking at a story linked to our termly topic of Space. The text is named ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and has been recommended by the Peterborough Power of Reading. From this the children will be producing a wide range of writing styles, including: persuasive texts, scripts, poetry, reports as well as exploring settings and characters. We will then investigate biographies, looking at Tim Peak to link to our Space topic.


This term we will be continuing with Maths No Problem and will be looking at whole number word problems, analysing graphs and data and finally, looking at fractions.  We will be having weekly arithmetic tests which we will then be looking at in Big Maths and will also be continuing with our times tables.


Our topic this term is Earth and Space, we will explore a range of aspects, including spherical bodies, night and day, stars, the planets and the Big Bang.  We will be becoming scientists for our WOW day, where we will be researching the different planets in the solar system.   We will also be visiting the National Space Centre in Leicester as part of our topic.


In Computing we will be continuing with improving our typing skills, building 3D models and also constructing and coding Lego WeDo.


Felt Space Cases will be our ‘mission’ this term. We will complete the design process, resulting in the creation of a final piece that incorporates different sewing techniques.


We will use American artist Peter Thorpe to inspire our Space themed artwork. His images will be used as a stimulus for our art work.  We will be exploring how to re-create and use his style to create some of our own pieces. We will be using double loading and different media to achieve this. 


In Geography we will be focusing on mountains and maps.  Skills we will use will include, embedding atlas skills and locational knowledge.   

Religious Education

Our topic this term is Islam.  We will learn about how daily life is impacted by their beliefs of Halal and Haram, consider why Muslims face towards Mecca when they pray and we will also compare the Qu’ran with the Bible.


Through circle time and other activities, children will explore how to identify their own strengths and skills and learn how to develop these for their future. The themes this term are ‘Working Together’ and ‘Diversity and Communities,’


Our outdoor PE this half term will be Netball. In these sessions we will focus on attacking, defending, marking, passing and footwork, before applying these into small games. Our indoor PE this term will be Dance. Our dance sessions will be led this term by an outside agency, allowing pupils to develop their skills from a specialist.


For French we will follow the ‘EuroStars’ programme of study – with a termly unit of ‘Notre Monde’- Our World. Here we will learn some geographical vocabulary and build on our knowledge or map reading, to link to our learning of the Earth.