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Year 6

Curriculum Information

Termly Topics
Autumn Spring Summer
Mayan Civilisation Evolution and Changes Treasure Hunters
Spring Term 2017-18 Subject Overview



In the first half term we will be reading another Power of Reading text, Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick.  We will learn about the causes and impact of Global Warming and take inspiration from our text to write some tense, atmospheric narrative pieces of writing.  After half term we will be reading The London Eye mystery by Siobhan Dowd.  We will look at persuasive writing when we create leaflets for the London Eye as well as producing journalistic and narrative pieces of writing based on what we have read in the text.  


This term, the children will continue to develop their understanding of Number and Place Value.  They will revisit rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and will also learn to round decimal numbers.   The children will build upon previous learning of formal written calculation methods which involve larger numbers, negative numbers and decimal numbers.  They will continue to solve multi-step problems, deciding which operation and methods to use and why.  The children will also focus on calculating area, perimeter and volume and learn to use simple formulae to calculate these.  After half term the focus will be on calculating fractions and percentages of amounts and also learning to calculate ratio and proportion.


In our Science lessons we will be looking at Evolution and Inheritance.  We will learn how scientists such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning helped to influence our understanding about evolution and how our world has changed over time.  We will investigate how different animals are adapted to their environments and habitats and start to think about how scientists think these adaptations occurred.


The children will use the chromebooks to extend their drawing skills to create 3D models based on using the software SketchUp Make. They will learn how to create simple and complex 3D models and be able to add detail and manipulate 3D models using a variety of tools.


Our topic this term is ‘Our Changing World’.  In this unit, children will discover some of the many ways in which the world around them is changing. From coastal erosion to political changes, there are many factors at work. Children will learn about the structure of the United Kingdom and how its shape and geography have changed over thousands of years. Using an online database of photographs, children can explore how landscapes change. The children will then have the chance to predict the future and look at which might change again in their lifetimes.


In our RE lessons we will be learning about the Hindu faith.  we will discover about the key beliefs and practices of Hindus and think about how these impact on the way they live their everyday lives. 


In our DT session we will be working in teams to design and  make and evaluate flood proof buildings.  We will look at some real-life examples of flood-proofing around the world and think about how to apply these to our own designs.  We will then think about how build our designs before testing them to see how floodproof they really are.  


In our Art sessions we be studying Pop Art.  We will look at the work of artists who are associated with Pop Art such as Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein and then create work inspired by theirs.  


In our Indoor PE sessions this term we are lucky enough to have a visiting dance coach in to lead our sessions.  We will be learning how

In our outdoor sessions for the first half term we will be playing Netball.  We will learn how to pass, throw and catch accurately as well as how the rules of Netball work.  We will think about the tactics required to do well and think carefully about how and where to move when we haven’t got the ball.  After half term we will be playing Tag Rugby.  We will develop our passing and catching skills and practise beating a defender with changes of direction and pace.  We will develop our teamwork skills by working as a team to defend our own try line when the other team have the ball.   


This term, the children will learn about places in a town and simple directions.  They will apply previous skills and knowledge of topic areas such as numbers to develop their speaking and listening abilities. The children will have lots of opportunities for using songs, stories, art and drama to make the learning fun, engaging and memorable.


The unit of work for this term focuses on developing children’s awareness, knowledge and understanding of the importance of being healthy and the range of factors which contribute to maintaining their health. Children will reflect on what influences their decisions about diet and exercise and will consider which are useful influences and which could lead us to make choices which are less healthy. They will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own healthy lifestyle and make healthy decisions as well as considering how they would advise others sensitively.