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Dear parents / carers

For those of us who travel by train, seeing and hearing messages about reporting security issues/concerns is nothing unusual.  Some of us even use or see a similar message in our working life about things like Data Protection I.e. if a process doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.  

However, we always need to remember that a risk/issue can’t be dealt with the right people don’t know anything about it.  

What has this got to do with OWPS?

This is where it gets interesting.  As you’d expect, the school is already vigilant in the areas of Anti-bullying and Safeguarding and is working towards the Anti Bullying Quality Mark. However, some of the threats and concerns come from outside the school environment and this is a different matter.  As with everything, there’s always a risk and the OWPS governors do what they can to put measures in place to help keep us safer, but we have limited influence over things outside the school gates.

The same goes with the proposed plans for Lynch Wood, unfortunately.  Sometimes we can’t stop progress, but we might be able to do something to help get measures introduced to reduce the risks of anyone getting hurt, especially around the safe routes to school.  The school is actively encouraging parents and the local community to register their concerns about the proposed planning application. As always, the governors are dedicated to supporting the parents/carers in this respect, but we need to be told about those things that don’t seem quite right and if there are any plans to address it.


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