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Lunch Menus and Allergen Information

 At Orton Wistow, we are very proud of the high quality of our school meals, which are cooked on site each day

Many of the items on our menus are cooked from scratch. When you eat our pizza, you're eating a Wistow Pizza!

To view our latest menu, please see the attachment below.

To view our latest allergens information, please see attachment below.

Parents and visitors are welcome to join us on most days each term, and there are many who take us up on this offer. Please inform us in advance if at all possible, but we will take bookings by 9am on the day of the lunch, in order that the kitchen can prepare food.

We also have many special lunch days when adults are invited to join their children:

  • 'Class Lunch Week' is when each class invites their parents to join them.
  • On top of all of these, we also hold special lunches for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.


FS/KS1 children's meals are free due to Universal School Meals
KS2 meals cost £ 2.50
Adult meals cost £4.00

Food allergen information and dinner menus are shown below.


We need information about you and your child, so that we can provide them with the best education and support by making sure that their school receives all the government funding to which it is entitled. Please see Free School Meals page for more information and an application form.

Universal Free School Meals

From September 2014 all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal.