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Celebrating Success 11.02.22

Find out what amazing things children at OWPS have achieved in their extracurricular activities.

Here at Orton Wistow Primary School, we recognise that success comes in all different shapes and sizes! We celebrate the children's achievements in school in the Achievements section of the newsletter and website.

Many of the children, however, are also achieving things outside of school.  We would like to recognise these successes too.

It might be that your child has passed a music or dance exam, gained a karate belt, starred in a show, volunteered, taken part in a sporting event, or done something that they didn't think was possible!

If you would like to share your child's achievements with us so that we can celebrate their success, please complete the Celebrating Success form which can also be found below.  Contributions will be considered for inclusion in upcoming editions of the newsletter.

We look forward to hearing about your children's extracurricular achievements!

Celebrating Success this week!

Just before Christmas Amélie S in Year 6 caught Covid, and she wrote a wonderful poem about what it felt like. It really sums up the experience of many children who have had the virus and had to endure isolation.  Well done Amélie!


In January, Jessica P in Year 5, successfully auditioned to play the role of young Fiona in POD's upcoming show, Shrek The Musical. It's a real family show with something for everyone, and she would love to have some of her Orton Wistow peers support her in the audience! Congratulations Jessica!


Thank you for telling us about your child's extra-curricular achievements.