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Erin's Story

By Erin's Parents

Erin was born with a condition known as 'Fixed Bilateral Talipes' or clubfoot.

Clubfoot happens because the Achilles Tendon, the tendon at the back of your ankle, is too short and resulted in Erin's feet being turned in and backwards against themselves. 

Her treatment meant that from the age of one week she had plaster casts on her legs and then until she was five years old, Erin had to wear boots and a bar at overnight.

Although Erin was very good at following all the rules, wearing her boots, doing her exercises, and using her special step, because she had a growth spurt, her tendon didn't keep up.

That is why you'll now see Erin with casts on her legs. They are there to stretch out the tendon once again and hopefully get her back to all the things she loves the most, swimming, dancing, and playing! 

Please don't worry though, Erin has taken everything in her stride, and she doesn't feel any pain from the casts.  Maybe you can try and guess which colours she will go for next?!

Here are some pictures of Erin's journey, starting from when she was born: