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Platform One Booking Form - New Users 2022/2023

Welcome new user to the Platform One New User Booking Form for 2022/2023 bookings.

A Committed User commits to booking their term time usage and or holiday requirements in advance. Term time bookings must be the same pattern each week. The Office will calculate fees for the full year (or remainder of the academic year if applicable) and one invoice issued, payable monthly.

Please indicate below your requirements and we will confirm to you as soon as possible if we are able to accommodate your requirements.

Spaces at the club are limited. If we are not able to offer you a day we will automatically add you to our waiting list and advise once a space becomes available.

Is your child/ren a new starter to the school?*

Please indicate all your requested usage below

Please indicate your Breakfast Club Requirements 22/23
Please indicate your After School Club Requirements 22/23
Please indicate all your Holiday Club Requirements for 22/23

Please note, Platform One is closed for all other holiday dates not specified above.

Have you been a user of Platform One previously?

All bookings are subject to users reading and accepting our Terms and Conditions which can be found in our Platform One section of the website.