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Key Worker Children attending School

Dear Parent/Carer

As we have communicated over this last week, we have more children in school at present than during the last lockdown in March and currently have 10 bubbles in school, this is higher than the average of children attending schools than in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We know the list issued by the Government of Key workers eligible to send their children to school this time round has allowed more families to send their children in and this has in turn meant more of our staff are currently teaching and supporting those children in school.

Looking ahead, we need to consider the possibility of having to close bubbles due to staff shortages, such as a confirmed case in school or for family self isolation reasons. So that we can best prepare for this possibility we would like to gather as much data as we can to be able to assess which children we would prioritise for a place in school in the unfortunate event that we had to close bubbles.
We therefore would like to have a better understanding of family situations and the role of the second parent at home and would like all parents currently sending their children into school to complete the form below as soon as very possible so we can have as much data available to us.
As always we appreciate your support and co-operation with this.

Please confirm one of the following:*
Please confirm one of the following:*
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