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Year 1 History Off the Page Virtual Workshop

We are very excited to be able to complete our ‘Blast From the Past’ topic with a wonderful toy workshop organised and resourced by History off the Page on Wednesday 15th December 2021.

The workshop will consist of two key elements: Individual activities kits for each child in the year and a pre-recorded video made by History Off the Page’s knowledgeable teachers. The topics covered during the workshop include:
• The materials toys can be made from, including fabric, wood, clay and plastic
• How toys are constructed
• The different forces we use to play with toys, including pushing, pulling, twisting, turning, lifting and dropping
• How toys developed, including tops, dolls and balls

Included in the activity kits are all the necessary materials to make six fabulous projects which the children will be able to create and bring home with them at the end of the day:
• A jointed bear from card
• A magnetic fishing game
• A spinning top
• A thaumatrope
• A tabletop football game
• A peg doll,

The day will run as a normal school day and the children should come to school at their usual times, in uniform and we will follow our usual lunchtime plans.

The amount for this event will be taken from your child’s annual trip fee of £30. However, if you have decided not to pay the annual trip and wish to pay for each event separately, the payment of £6.75 must be paid by Wednesday 1st December 2021. Please be aware that a trip/event will only take place when there is a commitment from at least 90% of parents to pay the full voluntary contribution.

Voluntary Contributions - It is important to note that no child is excluded from an activity simply because his or her parents are unwilling or unable to pay the voluntary contribution. If you are in receipt of Universal Credit, Income Support, Income Based Jobseekers Allowance, support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, Child Tax Credit, provided that Working Tax Credit is not also received and the family’s
income (as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) does not exceed £16,190 then please arrange to see the Head teacher or the School Business Manager to enable us to establish what help the school can offer.

Please respond using the form below. Payments can be made by Parentmail or by chip and pin at the school office. The deadline for completing the form and payment (if applicable) is Wednesday 1st December 2021. Thank you.

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