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Data Protection Form

As you know, we are a school that prides ourselves on being reflective and trying to learn the best way of dealing with things when they don’t go according to plan. Earlier this week we emailed you to request that you deleted a message you had been sent in error. We sent the message as soon as we were made aware of the error and on reflection, feel that we could have provided more clarity.

In order to send out attendance records this week, we had to download each report and then attach it to the child’s parent’s email address. Due to a human error, one child’s attendance record was incorrectly sent to the Year 5 distribution list, which was why you were asked to delete it. We take data breaches seriously and report all such cases to our Data Protection Officer immediately, as we did on this occasion.

Having considered how we could further improve our practice we would like to request that you complete the form below to confirm that you have deleted the email we originally sent in error on 14/12/21.

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