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Library Corner July 2022

By Mrs Campling, Librarian

And just like that we’ve come to the last Library Corner of the school year! It’s been a bumper year as across the school we’ve been able to get back to all the things we used to do pre-pandemic - and then some! - and the Library has been no exception.

Story Writing Club has seen its highest number of returning students this year with almost half of the summer group having attended before, and it’s been so great to see how their ideas and abilities have developed each time they come along. I always like to try and guess what books they’ve been reading by the inspiration in their own stories (this term’s big influences were clearly Percy Jackson and A Series of Unfortunate Events) and the children always amaze me with their creativity and inventiveness.

We also started a new ‘reading club’ which I hope to develop next year as a reading ‘drop-in’, where students can pop in to the library on certain days to sit and read and talk about what they’re reading with me, or each other. 

The Year 6 and 2 book clubs have continued through the summer and both groups have really impressed me with how they have pushed themselves above and beyond their classroom expectations. The Year 2 group has been looking at wolf-based fairytales and exploring how different interpretations may or may not follow the plot we are expecting. Year 6 have each taken it in turns to bring in a book they have read and spoken to the group about it, and they have done so clearly and passionately as well as all showing each other respect and engagement through asking questions and in a number of cases, opting to then read the books themselves. 

Summer Reading Challenge: GADGETEERS

Those of you eagerly awaiting my tally of books that I've read will have to wait until January (I will let you work out for yourself how far I’ve got when I tell you I’m averaging two books a week). This mammoth rate is only sustainable because of that most precious of commodities: THE PUBLIC LIBRARY (trust me, if I was buying all these books I would also be using them as accommodation). I’m sure you’re aware that with budget cuts and different priorities for the council, our libraries are in a precarious state, and if (like me and my own children) you require a very high turnover of books, the only way to ensure their safety is to use them! All of the libraries in the city are running a variety of events across the summer for children of all ages, and of course there is the annual Summer Reading Challenge!

This year’s theme is ‘Gadgeteers’, created in partnership with the Science Museum and focusing on inspiring children’s curiosity towards science, invention, engineering and innovation. I don’t know about you, but I grew up thinking that being a bookish type excluded me from the sciences - well I can tell you that today’s children will not have that blinkered point of view! The very skills that we develop through reading are applicable and indeed vital to scientific exploration and discovery, and likewise, understanding the science of the universe can expand, rather than limit our imaginations.

After signing up at the library, children will receive a pack with different activities (online and physical) joining six characters (the ‘Gadgeteers’) as they explore the science behind a whole range of different interests. There’s also an online portal where children can create a profile, log their progress and explore even more resources. Registration opens this weekend (9th July) at all local libraries but you can join at any point over the summer!


21/22 Round Up


Most popular picture books

Walk with a Wolf, The Day the Crayons Quit (and Came Home), Katie & the Artists series

Most popular series’ 

Dog Man, Mr Penguin, Toto the Ninja Cat, Land of Stories, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Little People Big Dreams, Football Superstars


Classes with the highest number and frequency of visits

Cobras & Giraffes (seriously, you guys get through A LOT of books)


Most voracious readers (children with the highest turnover of books borrowed)

Ishaan (Elephants), Isabella (Nightingales), Imaan (Giraffes), Florence (Cobras), Oscar (Pandas), Izzy (Sharks)


Our Wishlist

It’s at this time of year that many of you think about buying a little something to thank your class teacher or the school in general, and I would like to take the opportunity to direct you to our wishlist! These are books that can be purchased specifically for the library, or for a particular class or teacher. If you are buying off this list, please include a note at delivery so that we know who it’s for!

You could also choose to buy a book that relates to a topic your child has enjoyed this year (either fiction or non-fiction) - I always know what the children are doing in class because they suddenly all start asking for the same sorts of books in the library!



All library books must be back by Monday 18th at the absolute latest. Classes will be reminded in school, but please please PLEASE do have a look around at home and check that you’ve not been accidentally hoarding them under the sofa. Thank you!