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  • Test News Story

    Published 09/07/20

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  • Year 6 Netball tournament

    Published 03/04/17

    On Friday 31st March nine children from Year 6 went to OBA to compete in a Netball tournament.  

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  • Peterborough Music Festival 2017

    Published 19/03/17

    Friday 17 March, the school choir compete in the 2017 Peterborough Music Festival. 

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  • Year 1 visit Peterborough Arena

    Published 15/03/17

    On Wednesday 8th March the Iguanas and Emerald Skinks visited Peterborough Arena to plant potatoes.

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  • National Space Centre - Year 5

    Published 14/03/17

    On Friday 10th March, Year 5 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester, for an experience that was 'Out of this World!'

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  • Year 3 at Burwell! 27th February- 1st March 2017

    Published 08/03/17

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  • Another Win for OWPS

    Published 07/03/17

    Monday 6th March 2017

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  • Year 5 and 6 visit to COSMOS science roadshow

    Published 16/11/16

    Tuesday 15th November


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  • The Sweetest Song...

    Published 10/11/16

    Thursday 10th November 2016


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  • 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

    Published 19/10/16

    On 17th October the children in the Foundation Stage accepted a secret mission!!

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  • Year 5/6 London Trip

    Published 18/10/16

    Friday 7th October 2016

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  • Year 2 Great Fire of London Day

    Published 08/09/16

    Thursday 8th September 2016

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