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Year 1 visit Peterborough Arena

On Wednesday 8th March the Iguanas and Emerald Skinks visited Peterborough Arena to plant potatoes.

We walked from school to the showground - it felt like a very long way! Once we were there we met Farmer Luke who told us about what potatoes need to grow. Did you know that 1 square meter of field can yield 15 potatoes, which is enough to make 150 bags of crisps? We also met Farmer Violet who told us about how different it was back in the 1940's when all the work was done by hand. We had a game where raced to plant rows of potatoes in a straight line. Before lunch we had a chance to plant our very own potato and beetroot in a pot. After lunch we walked back to school in a long line. Everyone had a fabulous day - and now we need to wait until June to see how our potatoes have grown.