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The Library Corner October 2021

By Mrs Campling, School Librarian

Hello and welcome to the first Library News of the new year! I am really excited about this year, as we are seeing a return to our pre-Covid library practice AND a bunch of new initiatives that we’ve not had before!

Class Library Visits

Our class library visits have been fully reinstated which means that every class has the opportunity to use the library once a fortnight for a proper library session - more than just changing books! So far we’ve done library reorientation (with a hectic scavenger hunt), reading from the class book, voting on new class reads, and of course traditional story time. KS2 have access to the library in between these visits, which is keeping our speedy readers well stocked up with books. 

Library Open After School

You’ll also have seen that we have opened the library up to parents on certain nights of the week (up to 3:30):

Years 1 & 2 on Tuesday

Years 3 & 4 on Thursday

Year 5 & 6 on Friday

This gives you the opportunity to come in, have a look around, look at some books with your child and even ask any questions you may have about what we provide and what we can recommend for your child if they’re in a particular phase (horse books, anyone?). We had a great time this week with the first couple of nights, and it was really lovely for me to meet some parents!

Library Pass

We will also be introducing over the next few weeks a ‘library pass’, which will be available to children on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. Children with a library pass will be able to come into the library during lunch for as long or as little as they would like. As someone who, as a child, spent most lunchtimes reading huddled outside, I know this is going to be popular!

New books & school wishlist!

One of my favourite parts of my job is shopping for new books, and then getting to read them before putting them on the shelves! Knowledge of children's literature is so important and enables us to better recommend books to children. One of my aims for the library is for all children to see themselves represented in the books we offer, and so I shop most frequently with A New Chapter, a bookshop that specialises in diverse and inclusive fiction. 

We’ve migrated our school wishlist from Amazon to A New Chapter, so if you wanted to contribute to diversifying and enriching our library collection, click here:


EYFS/KS1: What Will I Be? by Frances Stickley and Lucy Fleming

This is a book all about imagination and encouraging children to dream extravagantly - it’s one I will be buying for my own small humans! It really shows how ordinary things can become extraordinary with a little creativity, and the illustrations are gorgeous. Look out for the cat who gets involved in all of the imaginary games featured in the book. 


KS1/KS2: Bad Panda by Swapna Haddow

Follow the antics of the titular ‘Bad Panda’ as Lin rebels against the typical image of the panda. She is determined to prove that she’s not just cute and fluffy, and she’ll recruit anyone who’s willing to her mission of mischief!


KS2: The Storm Keeper Trilogy by Catherine Doyle

We were bought the first book in this series by a parent at the end of last year and I took it home to read over the holidays. As soon as school started back I ordered books 2 and 3! The trilogy follows Fionn, a boy who discovers his grandfather and the island on which he lives are hiding a magical secret that he’s about to inherit. But he also inherits the island’s enemy; a sorceress who has been trapped in the earth for centuries and wants to destroy Fionn, the island, and everything it stands for. The magic and the imagery in this are exquisite - definitely, a must-read.