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FOWS News 13.10.23

By Jo Watson, Chair of FOWS

Dear FOWS Community,

Donation Day 

We're excited to announce that our next donation day is just around the corner, scheduled for Friday, October 20th. This time, we're adding a sweet twist! Children are encouraged to wear their favourite T-shirts in exchange for a donation of sweets or chocolate. As with all our donation days, your contributions play a pivotal role in making our Christmas fair a success. Your donated items will be used as prizes on various stalls or in our raffle. We highly appreciate any donation you can provide to support our cause.

AGM Highlights

In a recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Tuesday, October 10th, FOWS accomplished some key milestones. We're pleased to introduce our team members who have taken on official roles:

  • Chair: Jo Watson
  • Vice Chair: Zara Shepard
  • Treasurer: Manisha Summan (Minni)
  • Secretary: Hannah Bass

In addition, we've also enlisted parent representatives from six out of seven school years. Their valuable input ensures that every school year has a voice in our planning, and they help our committee spread the word. While our team is now well-structured, we always welcome more volunteers. Whether you're interested in behind-the-scenes planning and delivery or volunteering in any other capacity, please feel free to get in touch with us.

  • Foundation Sarah Haigh
  • Year 1 Jem Wilkins
  • Year 2 Mark Tomlinson
  • Year 3 Emma Mehmed
  • Year 4 Lisa McPherson
  • Year 5 Michelle Owens
  • Year 6 Vacant

You can find more details on FOWS here Orton Wistow Primary School - Friends of Orton Wistow School (FOWS) (

Exciting Plans for the Year Ahead

Over the next nine months of the school year, we have an exciting lineup of events to look forward to, including the summer and Christmas fairs, "Break the Rules" days, and more. We're also thrilled to share that we are in the process of becoming a registered charity, a goal we've been working towards for the past couple of years. This important step, along with the adoption of a constitution and various policies and procedures voted on during the AGM, strengthens FOWS' position for the years ahead.

Looking Ahead and Call for Leadership

In closing, we want to mention that Jo Watson, our current Chair, has announced that this will be her final year in this role. If you feel inspired to pick up the mantle and lead our team, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Your commitment will help ensure the continued success of FOWS and our mission to support our wonderful school.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to making our school community even more vibrant and inclusive.