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Year 5 Inter Primary Challenge

Written by Year 5 Children

When we arrived at OBA, we first did some French Challenges, which consisted of a round of Lotto (bingo), Simon says, French Maths and dates in French. Then we did a maths challenge, which included 15 questions and a bonus question about how many squares on a chessboard.

After that, there was a science challenge in which we had to build a skyscraper out of a set amount of spaghetti and playdough.

Succeeding the English challenge, we did a warm-up round of riddles. Then we completed 10 challenges of different difficulty levels.

Finally, we did a food and nutrition challenge, a double page spread. We included information about various fruits and vegetables. With the combined efforts, our two teams at OWPS managed to win 1st place in Maths, Science, Food and Nutrition and English, and came runners-up in Science.