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Art Challenge - Week 4

By Mrs McIntosh, Art Lead

The results of Last Week's Art Challenge

Last week's Art Challenge was to Create Something Inspired by Recycled Objects.

Congratulations to all of the children who took part and posted their work on Twitter #OWPSARTCHALLENGE.  Here is a sample of the brilliant pieces of art created by OWPS children:

To view more of the children's fabulous creations, please visit #OWPSARTCHALLENGE on Twitter.

This Week's Challenge 

This week's Art Challenge is to Recreate a Work of Art.  You can watch Mrs McIntosh's video all about it and hear her recap on the work produced last week:





Here are some ideas:

The Getty Museum has also asked people to undertake a similar challenge.  If you'd like to see ideas from their Twitter feed, you can use the hashtag #gettymuseumchallenge.

Post Your Work

Good luck with the challenge!  We can't wait to see your creations at #OWPSARTCHALLENGE. 

You can also email us at  Please remember to state that you give your consent for photos to be published on the website and in the newsletter if you choose to send us a photograph.


Art Challenge!

Art Challenge! By Mrs McIntosh, Art Lead

Art Challenge - Week 2

Art Challenge - Week 2 By Mrs McIntosh, Art Lead

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Art Challenge - Week 3 By Mrs McIntosh, Art Lead


Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash