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Eco Update

by Ms Porter, Eco Lead

OWPS Eco Code

The children have been involved in Assemblies and class activities to continue to promote caring for our environment. If your child is an ‘Eco Warrior’, they have responsibilities to carry out to ensure we are following our Eco code.  Our school mascots, Eric and Eddie are given to the class who uphold this each week.

Eat Healthily

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ignore the car, use green power

Care for our school grounds and community

Save water and electricity.

Eat healthily

Last year we asked for your support in promoting a healthy lifestyle for us all.  The results of our lunch questionnaires were positive, the majority of parents were more than happy with school meals.  Some parents stated cost as a reason to bring in a packed lunch, others felt that they knew what their child was eating with a meal from home. 

As you know, we are always looking for ways to encourage children to try something new.  Perhaps you could have a look with your child at our Summer menu and see if they would like to try a school meal.  We have made changes to our school lunches, for example, we no longer offer juice due to the natural sugar content, we have 25% less sugar in our desserts and we add vegetables to our main meals, such as bolognese.

You may also find the table below of interest. It shows the nutritional value of a school meal and a packed lunch.  We know lots of children come into school with a very healthy packed lunch.  This isn’t one of our school meals or packed lunches but the general information may surprise you! 

In previous years, when children start school they have medical checks including height and weight.  In the past, parents have been offered further support, for example with mealtime difficulties or portion control.  The checks have not been carried out this year, due to Government restrictions.  If you are concerned about your child’s weight or diet, the school nurse team suggests Change4Life and NHS Live Well websites.  Here you will find information about a healthy weight and reducing the amount of fat and sugar.  There are also lots of tips about healthy packed lunches.

During Lockdown we continued to promote keeping healthy, by fitness challenges, led by Mr Cowles.  It was great to see so many children finding new ways to be active.  Alongside this, we continue to promote eating healthily. 

This term we are encouraging children to make a ‘sugar swap.’  Staff in school have made a short video exercising and/or swapping their usual snack for something more healthy.  We would really like to see your children trying to do this and hope you will support them.  You can upload tweets to the school or class Twitter pages.  @OWPSchool#Swapsies.  Staff ‘swapsies’ will be available to have a look at to give you an idea. If you would rather send a photo, this can be sent to the school office email address,  Please state if you are happy for us to publish the picture on the school website and in the newsletter.

Mrs McIntosh shows her yoga skills while swapping chocolate for an apple





Reduce, reuse, recycle

We are working with the other OWN trust schools to find a way of recycling our waste even further.  The Eco Warriors carry out weekly checks to make sure classes are recycling correctly.  Please continue to support us by not sending packaged snacks into school for your children.  If you are in the playground with your own waste please use the bins correctly.

Ignore the car, use green power

You will receive an email about taking part in The Big Pedal again this year.  We hope as many of you can join us as possible.  This year’s theme is ‘Amazing journeys.’  It would be great to see photographs of you and your child travelling a little farther on your bikes over a weekend! 

We will also be having a visit from Dr. Bike and Dr Scooter on Tuesday 20th April. Eric Schneider and Gemma Hughes, your Sustrans Bike It+ officers will be offering FREE bike checks; carrying out minor adjustments, pumping tyres and possibly replacing brake cables where necessary. The checks will take place throughout the day and advice on further work will be given if needed; helping to ensure your bikes are roadworthy. Please leave bikes unlocked we can lock them after the check if a lock is left with them. Leave a note if you DO NOT WANT YOUR BIKE CHECKED. For more details, you can view the Dr Bike and Dr Scooter Poster.

The Big Pedal has lots of competitions and offers that parents can take advantage of.  If you take a photograph of your child on their journey to school tweet @Sustrans#BigPedalWin.

A child from the Magpies learning to ride her bike.







Care for our school grounds and community

We were pleased to hear that many of you took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch, and despite not all of you seeing lots of birds, we hope this activity helped your children to notice and recognise the importance of caring for our natural world.

A child from the Nightingales made bird feeders.








Save water and electricity

Earlier on in the year, we showed the children the amount of electricity we used as a school and made a comparison to the money spent versus how much it costs a family to send a child to school in Africa.  As this was around Christmas time we suggested that instead of teachers buying a small gift for their classes, they would make a donation to SOS Africa.  We did this and raised £266 to allow Charisna a place at school. 

We have received updates and photographs that we have shown the children. We paid for Charisna to go to school.

And finally...

We look forward to seeing your child’s ‘swapsies’ and lots of you cycling to school, especially during 19th-30th April as part of The Big Pedal.


Thank you for your support!


Photo by Ashes Sitoula on Unsplash