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National Pet Month - OWPS Pets

Learn more about the fabulous pets owned by children, parents and staff at OWPS!

National Pet Month at OWPS

National Pet Month is from 01.04.21 - 10.05.21 and is an opportunity to celebrate our pets!

Before Easter, we invited children, parents and staff at OWPS to send in a photo and tell us about their pets. 

We were delighted to receive lots of responses, so many in fact that we will be featuring photos of OWPS pets over the next few weeks.

It's been wonderful to see the wide variety of pets from snakes to hens, guinea pigs to dogs.  Many are rescue pets and some are living with a disability such as being blind or deaf.

There is still time to send in your pet's photo if you wish.  Please use the form at the end of this article.

This Week's Pets

Here is this week's selection of much-loved, interesting and wonderful pets!


This is Hammy the Hamster, she is a long-haired Teddy Bear Hamster. I got her for my 7th Birthday, so she is just over a year old. That is about 50 in hamster years! She loves to run around and snuggle in my pocket and she really loves lettuce and cucumber.

A child from the Macaws

This our dog Molly. She is a Shih Tzu and about 12 years old. The interesting thing about Molly is that she was born blind. She gets around using her sense of smell and by bumping into things - a lot!!!!! She doesn't leave the house much but she can walk up the stairs on her own.

Jake from the Cobras

This is Salem our friendly cat he turns one next month. He enjoys sleeping on our bed and cat treats. He is an indoor cat but loves to try and escape into the garden and watch the birds.

Skylar and Maddison from the Macaws and the Sharks

My dogs name is Luna and she is my shadow. I can sit down anywhere in the house and she will be there to sit next to or on me. I love hanging out with Luna and always go find her for a quick cuddle before school each day.

A child from the Giraffes

This is Maxxi and Maali they are 1 year old Miniature Dachshunds and they are brother and sister. They love laying in the sun, destroying their toys, eating lots of things they shouldn’t and barking at everything! They are so much fun and despite their naughtiness they are very loving and cuddly.

Harry from the Nightingales


Here are Ned & Joan our Smooth Haired Miniature Dachshunds (Ned is the Red Brindle and Joan is the Red Dapple.

Miss Tansley, OWPS Toucans Class Teacher

Here is a photo of our crazy Cockapoo, Arlo. He's brilliant emotional support (through lots of licks!) to our children, Luke and Katie.

Mrs Barker, OWPS TA

This is Rosie and Margot. They are basset hounds and are sisters. They are only eleven months old but are already quite big. Most of the time they are very well behaved but they love to chew shoes and have destroyed three pairs!

Mr Marks, OWPS Deputy Head Teacher

National Pet Month Form

Please complete the form below if you would like your pet to be included in one of our newsletters.

Thank you for telling us about your child's extra-curricular achievements.



Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash