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Food Smart Award

By Ms Porter, Eco Lead

From previous communication, you will be aware that we have been working on ‘E for Eat healthily’ as part of our Eco code over the last two years. There was a little delay due to lockdown, however, we reached out to parents to help and have been impressed by how we were able to continue this work virtually. Many activities sent home included encouraging children to think about the range of foods that keeps us healthy as well as suggesting different forms of exercise.

Back in school we have noticed more children bringing in healthier snacks to school as well as choosing different foods at lunchtimes. During virtual assemblies, children learn about the importance of reducing sugar in our diets to keep our teeth and heart healthy. Mr Eardley often links his weekly assemblies to being healthy and shares what he and other members of staff are doing to keep active.

Due to the pandemic we were also aware of the increased importance of mental health and encouraged a home life ‘work’ balance for children. Activities for enjoying the outside were sent home. Lots of staff, children and parents took part in ‘Feel Good February’ to help us to keep happy despite what was going on in the world. We continue with these activities as part of our curriculum work as well as our physical development. I am sure your children will talk about taking part in the golden mile, the playground is always busy with children racing around!

Moving forward, we are hoping to increase the amount of food we grow in school for children to cook with and eat. Platform One are already well on the way with this, growing herbs and soft fruits to enjoy. Steps are in place to develop a planting area for children to use.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we know it isn’t always easy when children say they ‘don’t like’ something for their snack. However, you’ll be surprised if that is all they have they will eat it, especially if their friends have something healthy as well! We hope you continue to encourage your child to choose a school meal over a packed lunch sometimes too.

As recognition of all our hard work, we have been awarded the Food Smart award from Peterborough Environmental City Trust:

“Orton Wistow School have demonstrated that even through adverse times (such as the global pandemic) health and wellbeing should always be prioritised. They have been able to adapt the way they have been delivering key messages around healthy eating and lifestyles to ensure that even those who have not been in school can access support, guidance and learning opportunities. Well done.”

We are currently working with Healthy Schools who recognise what we have achieved so far and support us in continuing our journey. However, we would not be able to do this without your support. Whether this be sending in a healthy snack, choosing a school meal, disposing of waste responsibly or coming into school by bike, it all helps! Thank you.