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FOWS Disco Day

In place of the usual FOWS discos, FOWS are hosting a Disco Day for the children on Tuesday 20th July 2021.

By Sophie Chambers, FOWS Chair

Given the current situation regarding Covid numbers, both the school and FOWS are in agreement that it is sensible to postpone our disco next week. Whilst this is disappointing, we have been working together to formulate a new plan for the children.

The last day of term (Tuesday 20th July) will now be a Disco Day! All children will have the opportunity to attend an outside disco during the school day, within their current bubbles.

Our usual DJ will be playing and FOWS will provide every class with drinks and snacks to enjoy as part of their disco. Dress to impress-no uniform required!

As you will all know, we’d normally be running this event as part of our ongoing fundraising efforts.

Although we won’t be charging an entry fee as usual, a donation sent into school with your child on the day and given to their class teacher would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to be able to help fund the new bike shelters next year, with your ongoing support.

Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash