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OWPS and Parent Helpers

Do you have a few hours to spare each week?  OWPS is looking for parent helpers to volunteer their time to help out at school.

In the past we have found the support from parent helpers invaluable.  Now that Covid restrictions have lifted, we would appreciate it again if you could help out in school this year.

Helping in school could involve a huge range of activities; from working alongside a small group of children, putting up displays, sticking work into books, listening to children read, organising resources or simply being an extra pair of hands in the classroom during lessons.

You may also have some skills that we could use in other ways. In the past, parents have been happy to type up our collection of assembly songs onto our network, have helped out with gardening or have been happy to join the Friends and assist them in all the fundraising they arrange for the school. Perhaps your child has a grandparent who would enjoy helping in school.

If you are interested in becoming a parent helper please let us know by filling in the Parent Helper Form.

The deadline for completing the form is Friday 8th October. Thank you!