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Foundation Stage

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  • Foundation Stage 14.05.21

    Published 13/05/21

    As part of our traditional tale story, ‘No dinner,’ Hugo in the Penguins busied himself at the mark-making table to write some sentences. He used the word bank to help him.

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  • Foundation Stage 07.05.21

    Published 06/05/21

    As part of our 'Word Wednesday' learning, we read the story of 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson. We created these wanted posters to help catch the thieves! Molly from the Magpies tried really hard with her description of the characters.

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  • Foundation Stage 30.04.21

    Published 29/04/21

    Alex from the Penguins has worked really hard this week writing sentences as part of our Traditional Tales topic.

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  • Foundation Stage 23.04.21

    Published 22/04/21

    This week we have been learning all about life cycles. In our garden, we have been watching frogs spawn developing into tadpoles and we are excited about watching their next stage. Hanna from the Magpies wrote all about the frog's life and its changes and showed off her beautiful formation.

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  • Foundation Stage 16.04.21

    Published 15/04/21

    As part of this week’s learning about Life-Cycles, Isaac in the Penguins enjoyed investigating the creatures in the water tray! He painted a picture using toilet roll tubes and a black fingerprint for the frog spawn. He said the tadpoles had a big head and painted some with his paintbrush. 

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  • Foundation Stage 26.03.21

    Published 25/03/21

    In the Foundation Stage, we have been busy learning all about the Easter Celebrations. At the Creation Station, we have been printmaking inspired by Easter Eggs designs. We used toilet tubes to print patterns. We really loved Titan's (from the Magpies) design and were impressed with his contrasting colour choices.

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  • Foundation Stage 19.03.21

    Published 18/03/21

    During free flow play time, Zayden enjoyed working at the creation station. He made himself a kite using scissors, string and sticky tape. He told his friends how to make one and had a go at writing some sentences in case they forgot.

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  • Foundation Stage 12.03.21

    Published 11/03/21

    This week in the Magpies we have been embracing the first signs of Spring. To mark the occasion and to celebrate being back with our friends, we have been busy making Spring crowns.

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  • Foundation Stage 05.03.21

    Published 04/03/21

    As part of our Happy and Healthy topic, a child from the Penguins class made a picture in the style of artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

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  • Foundation Stage 26.02.21

    Published 25/02/21

    A child from the Magpies class made these Chinese Lanterns as part of our learning about the Chinese New Year. We all enjoyed this week of learning and creating decorations.

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  • Foundation Stage 11.12.20

    Published 11/12/20

    As part of the 'Nativity' season, we have been writing sentences about our characters. Grace from the Magpies wrote two sentences about her character in the Nativity and her friend's character. She worked hard on remembering her capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

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  • Foundation Stage 27.11.20

    Published 27/11/20

    Mae from the Magpies has been experimenting with mixing primary colours. She was very excited to see what colours she could make as part of our ‘Expressive Art and Design’ learning.

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