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Years 1 & 2

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  • Years 1 & 2 20.07.21

    Published 15/07/21

    The Elephants have been demonstrating excellent concentration and perseverance skills this week. All children designed and created their own fabric fish. The children learnt how to sew using a running stitch and add embellishments using glue. Well done Year One! They look FISH-tastic! 

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  • Years 1 & 2 09.07.21

    Published 08/07/21

    In Year 2, we have been planning our own adventure stories. Every child has been busy creating their own characters, plot and settings. This is an example of one of the settings - Isabel from the Squirrels is planning an Arctic adventure! 

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  • Years 1 & 2 02.07.21

    Published 01/07/21

    Year 2 have been working really hard to create textile minibeasts.  We have used sewing and embellishment techniques.

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  • Years 1 & 2 25.06.21

    Published 24/06/21

    In our science this week, Alice and Ismaeel from the Iguanas sorted a range of animals according to their diet.

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  • Years 1 & 2 18.06.21

    Published 17/06/21

    As part of our Seaside topic, Jack from the Elephants class designed a fish on Purple Mash. He used a range of textured pens and was able to vary the size of the pen. It looks FIN-tastic! 

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  • Years 1 & 2 11.06.21

    Published 10/06/21

    In Year 2, we have been designing minibeasts for an Art project. This week, we have made templates, cut out the different parts of fabric and pinned them onto a backing fabric. Next week, we are using our sewing skills to stitch it all together.

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  • Years 1 & 2 28.05.21

    Published 27/05/21

    Year 2 have continued their textiles project by designing minibeasts that they will sew using felt and a range of embellishments. Lewis from the Giraffes has designed a bee, caterpillar and ladybird, planning to use felt, sequins, buttons and embroidery.

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  • Years 1 & 2 21.05.21

    Published 20/05/21

    In Year 1 we have been looking at the book How to Find Gold by Viviane Schwarz, and to complete our work, we looked at the character of Crocodile, and thought about all the different emotions he felt in the story. Elliot from the Iguanas reproduced some of these emotions in his own work. Can you tell what Crocodile is thinking?

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  • Years 1 & 2 14.05.21

    Published 13/05/21

    Charlotte from the Elephants class illustrated a picture of the storm described in our Power of Reading text. She listened carefully to the adjectives used in the story and used these to inform her illustration. Well done Charlotte!

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  • Years 1 & 2 07.05.21

    Published 06/05/21

    In Year 2 we have been exploring a storybook called The Dark. Annabelle from the Squirrels created a lovely piece of work that describes and draws what she thinks the dark would be like if it was a person.

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  • Years 1 & 2 30.04.21

    Published 29/04/21

    Year 2 have been learning about the textile artist Yumi Okita and analyzing what textile art involves. Yannis in the Giraffes has explained what he has learnt about this artist and her work.

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  • Years 1 & 2 23.04.21

    Published 22/04/21

    In our literacy this week, Year 1 have been creating and performing seaside poems. Isaac from Iguanas carefully illustrated the poem 'At the Seaside' by Robert Louis Stevenson, before reciting it with the rest of the class.

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