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Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 18.03.22

    Published 18/03/22

    This week the Foundation Stage has been busy looking after our chicks. We have thought about what we need to do to make sure our chicks are happy and healthy and used this as a stimulus for writing. The children worked hard to write this independently using the phonics sounds they have learned so far this year. This piece is by Ewan in the Magpies.

    "A chick needs food.

    A chick needs water.

    A chick needs heat."

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 11.03.22

    Published 10/03/22

    In our geography this term we are concentrating on our local area. Molly looked carefully at all of the different types of housing we saw on our walk through Orton Wistow and Orton Northgate to the Showground. She was able to draw an accurate representation of her own thatched cottage. 

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 04.03.22

    Published 03/03/22

    In Year 1 we have been reading One Day on Our Blue Planet - On the Savannah. Daisy R has written a fantastic descriptive setting using the picture from the book as the stimulus.

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 25.02.22

    Published 24/02/22

    In our science lesson this week, the Elephants used their knowledge of plants and trees to design a garden for someone who likes bright colours in Summer and Autumn and that also provides privacy.  Here is a selection of work created by the Elephants:

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 11.02.22

    Published 10/02/22

    In Year 2, we have been creating sculptures of winter trees. We have made tin foil armatures, covered them in Mod-Roc, and then painted and decorated them. This beautiful example by Jack M shows all the hard work that has been put in. Their work on Twitter has even caught the eye of Dr. Willard Wigan MBE - the world-renowned micro-sculptor!

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 04.02.22

    Published 03/02/22

    This week during Word Wednesday we read the poem 'The Crocodile' by Roald Dahl. Instead of eating us (the children), we thought of other delicious meals he could eat. This is Eloise's from the Magpies!

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 28.01.22

    Published 27/01/22

    As part of our Frosty and Frozen topic, Divit was able to write two sentences about an Artic Hare. 

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 21.01.22

    Published 20/01/22

    Aria from the Iguanas had to write in role as the witch from Hansel and Gretel, ordering some new supplies from Hobgoblin Suppliers. It was inspired as part of our literacy work on 'The Jolly Postman' book. 

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 14.01.22

    Published 13/01/22

    The Wombats have been learning about the rainforest in our English lessons.  We have written our own information page about the layers of the rainforest.

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 17.12.21

    Published 16/12/21

    In Squirrels, we have been learning to make space pictures with moving parts. This example by Lily-Ann, shows a pivot, a lever and a wheel. The children also used measuring and woodwork skills to make the wooden frame.

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 10.12.20

    Published 09/12/21

    In our DT lesson this week, we used 2Paint on Purple Mash to design a space-themed moving picture. The Elephants are excited to make their moving pictures next week. Here is a selection of pictures by children in the class...

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  • Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 03.12.21

    Published 02/12/21

    This is by Zakaria in the Magpies class. We went on a local walk and spotted Mag, Pip and Pop along the way. We then came back to school and wrote sentences about the animal's adventures. We focussed on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

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