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Years 3 & 4

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  • Years 3 & 4 27.05.22

    Published 27/05/22

    In English, Year 3 have started reading “The Tin Forest" by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. Here’s some narrative writing by Lewis from the Nightingales based on the pictures from the opening page.

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  • Years 3 & 4 20.05.22

    Published 20/05/22

    In English this week we had to retell our favourite passage from our power of reading text ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’. Elliott showed amazing courage to perform his passage and added brilliant emotion throughout. He was able to use a range of sentence starters and have a clear voice.  

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  • Years 3 & 4 13.05.22

    Published 13/05/22

    This week, the Giraffes have been using drama and note writing to help us understand the characters in 'Oliver and the Seawigs.' Here, we wrote a letter to Cliff, one of the Rambling Isles, to advise him whether he should stay in one place, or carry on travelling. They look a bit crumpled as we then folded them up, then 'posted' them to another child, who then replied in the role of Cliff.

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  • Years 3 & 4 06.05.22

    Published 05/05/22

    The Seals have been writing 2A sentences this week. They were writing sentences with adjectives using the book ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’. Here are some excellent examples from Santino, Millie, George, Alex and Poppy.

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  • Years 3 & 4 29.04.22

    Published 29/04/22

    In our Art lessons, we have been using clay to make Egyptian scarab beetles.  Here are James, Cian and Oliver’s finished products.

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  • Years 3 & 4 22.04.22

    Published 22/04/22

    During our WOW Day we spent the afternoon creating our background and pirate ships. This is a wonderful example by Florence M of the hard work spent doing so. 

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  • Years 3 & 4 01.04.22

    Published 01/04/22

    Year 4 have been designing and cooking Quesadillas.  We used our skills of grating, chopping and peeling.  Here are some of the Giraffes, just about to try their finished creations.  The verdict was that they are delicious!

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  • Years 3 & 4 25.03.22

    Published 24/03/22

    This week, we’ve been exploring the rainforest ready to write a persuasive text on it. Year 3 imagined they were in a rainforest and wrote some excellent sentences around what they could see, smell, hear, feel and taste. Here are 5 examples of these excellent sentences from Annabelle, Theo, Alanna, Santo and Uzair.

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  • Years 3 & 4 18.03.22

    Published 18/03/22

    In our DT learning, we have been making puppets with moving parts. Here are the puppets that Alexis, Ben, Charlotte, Sophia and Dexter made.

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  • Years 3 & 4 11.03.22

    Published 10/03/22

    In maths this week we have been focusing on fractions. We have explored how to use a bar model to help us visualise our calculations. Here is Alexander's work on finding fractions greater than 1. 

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  • Years 3 & 4 04.03.22

    Published 03/03/22

    In our new Power of Reading text, The Wild Robot, we have been considering the main character, Roz, and how she adapts to and survives life on an island. Roz is a robot. In this work, we looked at human characteristics and survival skills she is showing.

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  • Years 3 & 4 25.02.22

    Published 24/02/22

    This week in English we have been learning about what has been going on around the world. We have been enjoying watching Newsround and then writing sentences using different techniques. Here is Isabel’s example of a few ‘some; others sentences’ where she has used some fantastic vocabulary as well!

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