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Years 3 & 4

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  • Years 3 & 4 19.04.24

    Published 19/04/24

    In Art, Year 3 explored how an artist combined their media. Anna, Zayden, Owen and Hugo produced fantastic double page spreads, showcasing their thoughts, feelings and observations of Alice Kettle's work.

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  • Years 3 & 4 22.03.24

    Published 22/03/24

    In history we have learnt about the Mayan civilisation and deciding what our opinions were on their way of life. 

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  • Years 3 & 4 15.03.24

    Published 15/03/24

    In our English lessons we have been reading The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.  This week we wrote in role as the main character, a robot called Roz.  Here is Mckenna’s work.

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  • Years 3 & 4, 08.03.24

    Published 08/03/24

    This term, our history topic is Ancient Egypt. This week, in our art lessons, we created clay scarab beetles. 

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  • Years 3 & 4 01.03.24

    Published 01/03/24

    This week in Art we started our new Art project. Molly and Hugo have created a superb double-paged spread about Ancient Egypt. They researched particular elements and sketched pictures to help illustrate it. 

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  • Years 3 & 4 16.02.24

    Published 16/02/24

    In RE we have been looking at the ways in which Hindus worship. A Hindu temple, more commonly known as a Mandir among Hindus has been the focus this week. We have been looking into different features of them and what they contain. 

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  • Years 3 & 4 09.02.24

    Published 09/02/24

    “In our art lessons Year 4 have been learning about Mayan weaving.  This week we made our own weaving frames and used tissue paper to experiment with different combinations of colour. Here's Migle's frame inspired by the colours of the rainbow."

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  • Years 3 & 4 02.02.24

    Published 02/02/24

    In the Seals English class this week, Year 3 have been reading 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. We have been writing letters as Hogarth to apologise for trapping the Iron Man into the pit. Here is Sophie's fantastic letter!

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  • Years 3 & 4 26.01.24

    Published 26/01/24

    In the Giraffes class, in PSHE, we have been discussing how we can manage the emotion 'anger'. We filled our 'cups of emotions' with strategies we could use, like counting and taking some deep breaths. Here are some examples of our work.

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  • Years 3 & 4 19.01.24

    Published 19/01/24

    This week, in Year Four computing, we have been learning about search engines. We spoke about how we needed to search effectively, to get the result pages we needed. Children then had a selection of random questions to work through, changing the questions often to get the right answers.

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  • Years 3 & 4 12.01.24

    Published 12/01/24

    In the Nightingales, our new history topic this term is the Ancient Mayans. So to launch it we have been researching and making Mayan Mask.

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  • Years 3 & 4 15.12.23

    Published 15/12/23

    This week, in our computing lesson, the Seals have been using all of our coding knowledge to design and create knowledge to design and create their own interactive scene. Here is Billy's excellent example of his interactive scene: he has used the timer and collision detected commands, including with some objects moving and sounds!

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