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Years 3 & 4

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  • Years 3 & 4 20.07.21

    Published 15/07/21

    As part of our English learning on Rudolf Nureyev, Imaan from the Macaws has created an advert to persuade people to come to his next ballet show.

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  • Years 3 & 4 09.07.21

    Published 08/07/21

    In Art, one of the children from the Cobras produced an amazing PopArt piece of work. The criteria was bright, vibrant and personal, all which he has achieved!

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  • Years 3 & 4 02.07.21

    Published 01/07/21

    As part of our work on Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley, Ellie-May from the Flamingoes sketched an image of Ruskin, used powder paint to colour mix her work and later added phrases and words to describe his character. 

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  • Years 3 & 4 25.06.21

    Published 24/06/21

    During our Art and DT sessions, Scarlett, Felix, Maya, Hazel, George and Cadence from the Nightingales worked to cut and sew Tudor roses.

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  • Years 3 & 4 18.06.21

    Published 17/06/21

    In our combined Art and DT project, Pearl, Imaan, Florence, Chloe, Ella, Archie and Adrian from the Macaws have sewn a beautiful Tudor Rose using a running stitch. 

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  • Years 3 & 4 11.06.21

    Published 10/06/21

    In Geography, Anna from the Cobras conducted research to find out everything she could about the weather in her chosen area. She then went on to present this in the class.

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  • Years 3 & 4 28.05.21

    Published 27/05/21

    In Computing, as part of our unit of work on Spreadsheets, Layla and Riddhi from the Flamingoes worked together to create a party budget using the 2Calculate program on Purple Mash complete with formulae!

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  • Years 3 & 4 21.05.21

    Published 20/05/21

    During English, Hazel from the Nightingales wrote a biography on King Henry VIII.

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  • Years 3 & 4 14.05.21

    Published 13/05/21

    In Science, Chloe from the Macaws observed some flowers and correctly predicted what happened when food colouring was added to the water.   She was investigating how flowers absorb their nutrients from the stem.

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  • Years 3 & 4 07.05.21

    Published 06/05/21

    In RE, Bianca from the Cobras created beautiful illustrations of gods and goddesses from the Hindu religion. She was even able to show similarities and differences between the two.

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  • Years 3 & 4 30.04.21

    Published 29/04/21

    In English, as part of our work on the text ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Philip Reeve, Lexi from the Flamingoes produced an impressive 3-page leaflet on how to care for a Sea Monkey. 

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  • Years 3 & 4 23.04.21

    Published 22/04/21

    During English, Ava wrote a narrative story based on a traditional Viking story about Bodvar, a brave Viking warrior.

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