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Years 5 & 6

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  • Years 5 & 6 20.05.22

    Published 19/05/22

    Halim from the Toucans has produced a flashback, based on the short movie 'The Piano' by Aiden Gibbons. This movie has no narrative at all, just music, so Halim has created the narrative to accompany it. 

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  • Years 5 & 6 13.05.22

    Published 13/05/22

    In English, the Flamingoes have been planning a leaflet to advertise their theme parks.  Maisie wrote some fantastic Alan Peat sentences to describe 'Gobi World' which included rhetorical questions and similies.

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  • Years 5 & 6 06.05.22

    Published 05/05/22

    This term in Science, Year 5 are learning all about Earth and Space. Jake from the Pandas has produced a lovely double-page spread presenting his research about our Solar System.

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  • Years 5 and 6 29.04.22

    Published 29/04/22

    Isabel in the Flamingoes wrote an excellent analysis of the theories around the shape of the Earth as part of our learning in Science about space. 

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  • Years 5 & 6 22.04.22

    Published 22/04/22

    Courtney from the Toucans has designed her own French menu as part of our unit titled 'Monter un Cafe'. As a class we looked at how to carry out a conversation in a restaurant and role-played taking it in turns to be the waiter or waitress and customer. We set the scene with some French music too!

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  • Years 5 & 6 01.04.22

    Published 01/04/22

    The work is by Eilidh Homewood and she has written a poem, inspired by our POR text 'Rose Blanche', about hope springing at the end of WW2.

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  • Years 5 & 6 25.03.22

    Published 24/03/22

    This week, Year 5 started reading Shackleton's Journey by William Grill, a non-fiction text depicting Ernest Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica in 1914. In role as Shackleton, Avie from the Pandas has written a brilliant Go Fund Me style appeal for sponsors, explaining the benefits of funding the project.

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  • Years 5 & 6 18.03.22

    Published 18/03/22

    As part of our work in English on Odysseus and the Cyclops, Lexi wrote a newspaper report detailing the dramatic events.

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  • Years 5 & 6 11.03.22

    Published 10/03/22

    Josh from the Toucans has created a wonderful moderated piece of writing, all about The Circulatory System. This piece has been influenced by a science experiment that Year 6 have carried out and encompasses a range of language features.

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  • Years 5 & 6 04.03.22

    Published 03/03/22

    In RE, Isaac created this spread on Anne Frank as part of our work on inspirational Jewish people, whilst learning about Judaism. 

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  • Years 5 & 6 25.02.22

    Published 24/02/22

    This week, Year 5 have been writing sensory poems based on 'The Magic of the Brain' by Jenny Joseph. Here is a lovely example by Bianca from the Pandas.

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  • Years 5 & 6 11.02.22

    Published 10/02/22

    The Flamingoes have been reading the story of Odysseus and have written newspaper reports about his battle with the Cyclops. Layla from the Flamingoes wrote this newspaper report.

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