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Mr Hansell visits the school every Friday to deliver piano lessons to children who have pre-booked with him. 

Mr Hansell writes...

I have been teaching piano at Orton Wistow for about fourteen years, first through Cambridgeshire and then as a private tutor.

During these years there have been many children  who have passed the Prep Test and grade exams run by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Many of these children began learning in Years One or Two, as well as in older years.

Our intention is not academic, however, but to help children find a way to use their fingers ‘correctly’ and to learn to read music well enough to enjoy playing music. Music has been greatly evidenced as a very valuable support to any child’s general educational development, and learning an instrument particularly so.

Reading music is never easy, however, and on the piano it is doubly hard since we have to read notes separately for each hand at the same time. 

In order to begin lessons pupils must have either a piano (acoustic or electric) at home or, at least, a keyboard with full size keys. The latter choice is a lot less expensive and most of our pupils have studied using one rather than a piano. I can advise on instruments. There will also be a much smaller outlay for a book or two.

It is not necessary for pupils to take exams, and it is their choice. For information, for a year two child it usually takes around two years before they are able to enter the Prep Test; grade one takes another year and a half after that. Older children usually can learn more quickly.

At present there are many pupils waiting to start because Covid restrictions have made access to the school piano more limited than before.

We are all hoping that restrictions will all be lifted eventually and that more children will be able to start.

Lessons are usually held on a Friday during lesson time, including breaks and lunchtime) and are taught one to one for twenty minutes. The school has always been very accommodating in allowing pupils to come promptly to lessons.

The price of lessons has been held for many years at £11 for twenty minutes and payment is simple :

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I teach ten lessons and ask for payment in full, direct into my business account (Mobile Music) after this point in the term. In order that lessons proceed smoothly parents are always very good at prompt payment.  Lessons continue the very next week for ten weeks before a further payment is asked for. There are thirty lessons every year and so, payments are made only three times in a year. I am afraid I can not accept monthly or weekly payments, nor any cash.

If I am away you do not pay, but if a child is occasionally absent payment will still be due after my own ten sessions.

Find out more

The way to find out more, or to book a lesson is to text me in the first instance on the following number :


Orton Wistow has kindly allowed my students to present a programme in front of the school and parents once a year during July. These Piano Parties have usually been followed by light refreshments for pupils and parents in the school. Presently these events have had to be suspended due to the pandemic, but I intend to restart as soon as we are allowed.

Children are also encouraged to join the Peterborough Youth Music Centre on Saturday mornings at Bushfield School, although this is not a requirement. The centre is run by the Music Hub of the Peterborough City Council.

I look forward to any enquiries.

Stan Hansel


Biography in International Who’s Who in Music

Member of the Performing Right Society

Medal from Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia for many decades of service to music in local churches as organist and choir director.





Photo by Amir Doreh on Unsplash