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Headteachers' Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I said last week, I find myself looking at the planner and thinking about what would be happening each week. I’m writing this introduction on a very hot and steamy Thursday 25 June. Having looked at the calendar, I can see that today would have been the FS/KS1 Sports Day practise and I am so pleased that we haven’t been able to go ahead with it. It would have been unbearably hot and I would have been concerned for the children and staff.

Like everyone else, I’m finding that we are having to work in different ways. So far today, I have filmed my FS parents evening presentation, filmed the assembly to go out on Monday and filmed the ‘Your New Teacher is…’ film. I’m practically a Hollywood star! It feels cringe worthy to be on camera so often but, like the rest of my staff, we have overcome our inhibitions because we know that it is a great way of keeping in touch. I have been delighted that we have had classes using technology to join up with those children at home and we even presented our first live tweet yesterday in the Foundation Stage.

In the coming weeks until the end of this term, we will make sure that we do as many of the ‘normal’ things as we can. Staff are currently voting for the PRIDE Awards, we are about to choose the next lot of House Captains and our plans for welcoming the new FS families and saying goodbye to the Y6 families are well underway.

I know I say it every year, but the last half term feels like a sprint to the finish line at the end of a marathon. There is a distinct overlap between two academic years as you get ready to finish one whilst also planning for the next exciting year at the school. To be honest, it’s pretty exhausting at the best of times but this year we have been kept on our toes as guidance changes and we adapt to new systems. And, at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, the kind words, support and team work of the OWPS Team have made it all possible.

You should have received the new Parent Questionnaire via ParentMail. I wasn’t sure whether I was doing the right thing introducing new questions in what has been a very unusual year. I am hoping that you will weigh up the year as a whole when deciding on your answers. There is only one questionnaire per family as this is what happens with the Ofsted questionnaire. We value each questionnaire that is completed and they help us to reflect on new priorities for the coming year. It’s also good to hear about what we are doing well.

We are currently pulling together each part of the end of year reports so that they are ready to be emailed to you on Monday 6 July. As last year, you will also be sent a ParentMail form so that you can record your comments about the report. Your child’s current teacher will get the chance to read your comments and, if your child is staying with us next year, their new teacher will have the opportunity to read them too. I hope that you will make time to do this when the time comes.

I’m hoping that at some point very soon, I will be able to outline what September is going to look like. I’ll be keeping everything crossed that it’s back to ‘business as usual’ and that we can move on from the last few months. I want us to mark the return of OWPS in some way in September and will announce the details of this before the end of term.

For now, stay safe, enjoy the weather and time with family and friends.

Simon Eardley