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Foundation Stage 2020 - 2021

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  • Foundation Stage 09.07.21

    Published 08/07/21

    This week we have been using our 'junk modelling' skills to make a 'Naughty Bus' linked to our transport topic. Tyler from the Magpies used all of his joining skills to stick on windows, wheels and doors and his bus looks fantastic!

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  • Foundation Stage 02.07.21

    Published 01/07/21

    We have been looking at transport as part of our topic, Poppy from the Penguins has compared a modern day car with a horse and carriage. 

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  • Foundation Stage 25.06.21

    Published 24/06/21

    This piece of work is by Ajay from the Magpies. We have had a busy week solving the case of 'The missing Dinosaurs'. We measured the footprints left behind by the thief and narrowed them down to Mrs Ironside and Miss Ellis. We used clues left behind at the crime to pinpoint it down to Mrs Ironside. After some intensive questioning using all of our 'Question starters' Mrs Ironside was caught! She hadn't stolen them, but borrowed the toys and forgot to leave a note. Ajay's 'Wanted' poster was a great way of warning people about the possible suspect!

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  • Foundation Stage 18.06.21

    Published 17/06/21

    This week the Penguins were able to speak to a Real life Doctor. Inspired by our learning all about Dr Elizabeth Blackwell, Hugo from the Penguins has written a sentence and drawn an illustration.

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  • Foundation Stage 11.06.21

    Published 10/06/21

    This is week we have been using a picture as an inspiration for sentence writing. Titan from the Magpies looked at the picture and thought of two sentences he could write about the image. He then thought of another sentence that I could write too.

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  • Foundation Stage 28.05.21

    Published 27/05/21

    As part of our Pets topic, Georgie from the Penguins enjoyed writing about Ms Porter’s new kitten who came for a visit! During free flow play time she found a picture and has written ‘he is cute and fluffy.’

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  • Foundation Stage 07.05.21

    Published 06/05/21

    As part of our 'Word Wednesday' learning, we read the story of 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson. We created these wanted posters to help catch the thieves! Molly from the Magpies tried really hard with her description of the characters.

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  • Foundation Stage 30.04.21

    Published 29/04/21

    Alex from the Penguins has worked really hard this week writing sentences as part of our Traditional Tales topic.

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  • Foundation Stage 19.03.21

    Published 18/03/21

    During free flow play time, Zayden enjoyed working at the creation station. He made himself a kite using scissors, string and sticky tape. He told his friends how to make one and had a go at writing some sentences in case they forgot.

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  • Foundation Stage 11.12.20

    Published 11/12/20

    As part of the 'Nativity' season, we have been writing sentences about our characters. Grace from the Magpies wrote two sentences about her character in the Nativity and her friend's character. She worked hard on remembering her capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

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  • Foundation Stage 27.11.20

    Published 27/11/20

    Mae from the Magpies has been experimenting with mixing primary colours. She was very excited to see what colours she could make as part of our ‘Expressive Art and Design’ learning.

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