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As a school we have a strong anti-bullying ethos and are currently working towards retention of the Silver Level Anti-Bullying Quality Mark. 

We welcome constructive feedback from parents, pupils and staff that may help us to build more robust and reflective anti-bullying practices. 

Please see the anti-bullying policies (adult and child versions) on the policy page for further details of our approach. 

Please contact any of the following adults to make suggestions or raise concerns:

Colin Marks Deputy Head teacher 

Faye Attwood PSHE Subject Lead

Jackie Johnson Learning Mentor

Jan Clark Governor with ABQM responsibilities 

Natalie Hall &  Amanda Gauton Parent Representative

Grace Y6 Pupil Representative

Take a look at our some of our anti-bullying & PSHE work:

We believe promoting difference is the key to bullying prevention


We believe recognising the positives nurture and develop kindness and wellbeing in everybody

We believe in awareness of issues leads to a greater understanding of furture prevention

We believe knowing how our brain works helps us to understand  our emotions and supports our ability to self regulate our behaviour choices

For further advice on anti-bullying can be found on the following websites: