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Appeals Process

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – January 2021

Following the postponement of admission appeal hearings due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the government have extended the temporary guidance for managing appeals Changes to the admission appeals regulations during the coronavirus outbreak - GOV.UK ( The temporary regulations will remain in place until 30 September 2021 and allow us to continue with admission appeal hearings whilst maintaining social distancing rules.

Year 7 transition appeals and Reception transition appeals

It is expected that all admission appeals coordinated by the Local Authority will be virtual appeal hearings only, using Microsoft Teams. This process will allow representation from both School and Appellant, to attend the hearing and present their arguments. We will continue to update this message and our process, as per government guidelines.

In-Year Appeals

In-Year Appeals will continue to be heard on a virtual basis, using 'Microsoft Teams'.

Appealing a school place decision in Peterborough

We administer admissions appeals on behalf of Peterborough maintained schools, or academies. All appeals are held in accordance with the Department for Education's School Admissions Code and the School Admissions Appeal Code. The purpose of these codes is to ensure that the admission appeal panel is independent and that appeals are conducted in a fair, transparent and lawful way.

Accepting a place at an alternative school does not affect your child’s place on the reserve list for your preferred school(s), or your right of appeal. 

Your right to appeal

You are legally entitled to appeal against the Admission Authority’s decision to refuse to comply with your preference. Your letter from the Admission Authority refusing you a place at your preferred school will advise you of this right. There is no charge to parents for appeals.

  • You can appeal for places at all schools for which you have applied and been refused a place
  • You are entitled to submit one appeal per school, per academic year.
  • This appeal can be lodged at any time during the year, however appeals lodged by the appropriate deadline are heard within set timescales (see below):

Your appeal will be heard by an independent school admission appeals panel. The panel's decision is binding on all parties: the school, the admission authority and you.

How to apply for an appeal

To begin the appeals process, you will need to complete the appropriate appeal form.

When you complete the appeal form, give as much information as you can. You will also have the opportunity to submit further information before your appeal. 

Further information is available on The petrborugh city Council website.

What is the difference between an 'appeal' and 'infant class size appeal'?

  • For parents wishing to appeal regarding reception, Year 1 or Year 2 places at a school, you will need to download and complete the 'Infant Class Size Legislation Appeal Form' below
  • For parents wishing to lodge an appeal for all other year groups, please download and complete the 'Primary/Secondary Appeal Forms' below.

Primary school admissions appeal

Secondary school admissions appeal

Primary school infant class size (ICS) appeal