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Autumn Term 2015:

Year 1 Toys
Year One have loved the Start of our Toys topic. We began the term by meeting Sheila who taught us all about toys from the past and we even got a chance to make our very own toys.
In English we looked at the ‘Old Bear’ stories by Jane Hissey. We read three of the books and then wrote our own bear problem, produced a piece of art and created a lost poster for Little Bear.
We have been learning all about the place value of a number in maths and have been working on spelling numbers up to 20. During our topic work we have been immersed in toys of the past, present and future. We have looked at old toys and how the Teddy Bear got its name, ordered toys over the centuries and even created a toy for the future.
We have enjoyed linking Science with English and have been looking at our five senses. We have explored how we use our senses and produced some great Autumn poems based around what we can see, touch, smell, feel and taste!