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Compliments Wall


Grandparents Lunch - December 2018

My husband and myself have just returned home from having a school lunch with our granddaughter, I would like to thank you for allowing parents and grandparents into the school to share this experience with their children, it felt extremely special and by her reaction you could tell she was excited. Please pass on our compliments to your catering team, the dinner was very tasty and having worked in schools, one of the best I have had. 

We would also like say how well behaved the children all were, the hall was quiet and calm and you could here the children using their manners. 

Overall it was a lovely experience and we will hopefully come back again soon. 

Grandparents Lunch - November 2018

We have today been to the grandparents lunch with our grandsons, I just wanted to say thank you and how much we enjoyed it but more than that when we looked for a table to eat lunch we could only find a table with 3 spare seats while we were looking around for 4 spare seats one of the girl pupils at the table very kindly picked up her packed lunch and went to another table so we could sit together.  We were hoping to speak to one of the ladies in the dining room to point out the young girl and tell her what she had done but the girl had finished her lunch and left. We did thank her but feel that you should know what a lovely polite girl you have. (I’m sure she’s not the only one in your school) just a shame we didn't’t get to point her out. 

End of An Era -  June 2018.

I would just like to say I was highly honoured that my son was asked to speak at this evenings presentation to the new foundation parents.  I can’t believe its nearly the end of an era for our boys at Wistow. 

I would like to take this chance to thank all the staff that have helped my children and best prepare them for their next step in school life.  It was a lovely touch and we just want to express our thanks

Honours Award -  May 2018.

Just a quick email to give thanks and recognition.

My daughter received an honours award today and it was a lovely little event. I have worried that her joining late would cause her to struggle but she is thriving and loves school. That is without doubt due to the wonderful staff and children in her class.

Today when I came in to work I had so many of the year 5 and 6 offer congratulations and praise to Ruby for her honours award that I felt overwhelmed and very proud of their fantastic team spirit and generous praise.

I felt a real sense of community today and I’m grateful to work in and have my daughter attend such a nurturing, positive environment.

Mother's Day Lunch Week - March 2018
I just wanted to say thank you for the Mother's Day lunch today, it is the second year I have joined my daughter at school for lunch & yet again I was very impressed. The food was actually amazing, very tasty - my compliments to the cook! And the children were all beautifully behaved. I'm always fascinated to see my daughter in her 'natural habitat' (being silly with her friends).
So thank you, again, for organising.
Footbal Tournament - February 2018
I would just like to drop you a quick line to say a big thank you for giving the our son the opportunity to represent his school in the recent football tournament.
He was so excited about being chosen last week and then when I picked him up yesterday he could not wait to tell me what had happened.  To actually then go on to win the  tournament was amazing and he was brimming with pride.  He could not stop talking about it all the way home and then all evening, he even jumped out of bed that morning (this does not usually happen) and could not wait to get to school.
Thank you for making one little boy very happy and proud to represent his school.



I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that our son came home from the farm to fork day absolutely buzzing with all the activities he'd taken part in and the new information he'd learnt. It was obviously a really engaging day and definitely gave our son lots of insight into to where our food comes from and how to identify healthy and unhealthy foods (I've already been dragged around the supermarket checking the traffic lights!).

I'm not usually one for remembering to give feedback but the positive impact it had on him really stood out

Thanks for organising it! (Yes, Thank you Mrs Simmons!)


Dear Mrs Daley and Mrs McIntosh,

Following from our meeting at the parents evening, we did not get around to thanking you both for helping to teach our child. Your hard work is very evident. Our daughter really loves being a "Magpie".
Once again, thank you.



Bedtime Stories – November 2017

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank all of the staff that stayed late for the bedtime stories evening.  Our child had a fantastic evening and hasn’t stopped talking about how lovely the staff were for sharing their favourite stories. Seeing how excited the children were going in it must have taken some great skill to get all the kids relaxed enough to listen to them.


Thank you again for the great experience.

I just wanted to say what a lovely curriculum evening it was last night. It felt very informative but relaxed and I left feeling proud that my child attends such a lovely school.


Well done to all.

To all staff that attended Grafham Water residential trip 2017
I would just like to say thank you, my son had a great time and had lots to tell us when he got home. 

My son has arrived back from Grafham Water so animated and full of energy and has only just stopped talking at 100mph! He has had an amazing time. Apparently it was awesome

Thanks so much to everyone involved for organising this trip, and of course Miss Simmons, Mrs Hayden and Mrs Orchard for taking great care of them. It is wonderful to give children the opportunity to experience these activities. Thanks also to Mr Marks and Miss Cameron who initially helped to encourage him to sign up for the trip. I feel this has been a huge step forward in my sons independence. 

April 2017Aladdin Trouble

I just wanted to pass on my congratulations to all involved in the school production of Aladdin trouble. It was hugely entertaining with so much energy in the room. The team of staff involved must have worked so hard and the children were really, really great with fantastic performances. So thank you to all.

I'd just also like to say an extra thank you to Miss Cameron, her belief in my son, and her encouragement, has really helped his confidence to grow. I am very impressed and thankful


What a great week for hot dinners last week!  I hope the week met your expectations and targets - it seemed to be very popular and certainly reignited some enthusiasm.  My daughter certainly tried a few things she wouldn't have done before, and was disappointed there was no sweet and sour chicken left - hopefully it will make the main menu in future!



What a fabulous job you've done with these - the covers are amazing and the content looks interesting and varied.   My daughter has been reluctant to let go of it since we left school on Friday (she even carried her own bag home as it had her kindle in it).   We had a peaceful half hour on Friday afternoon reading, we sat in the car yesterday (having reached our destination early) and read for 15 mins, and she has been reading before going to sleep as well.

It certainly seems to have stirred some excitement in her – let’s hope it’s not just a novelty! 

February 2017Lego League

Would you mind passing on our gratitude to the staff that gave up time to lead the lego league team yesterday and over the last few months.

It was obvious that the children had a great time and really enjoyed the day. My daughter was upset that she did not have lego league club this week which just goes to show how much she enjoyed it.

The staff giving up time outside of work hours just goes to show the commitment is second to none.

My daughter now wants to become an engineer!!!!!!!!!

Following this lovely message our Wistow Whales, led by Miss Tansley were interviewed by BBC Radio Cambridgeshire which aired live on Friday 3rd March!

Well done Wistow Whales!

January 2017Honours Award

My daughter received an honours award this morning at assembly, she's in Hedgehogs in Reception. I just wanted to say thank you to the Head Teacher for presenting it to her so nicely, & for Mrs Harries' kind words. It was lovely to be able to sit & watch my daughter.

Thank you.

Internet Safety!

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the chance to get some great advice and tips regarding my children's Internet safety. It's certainly opened my eyes to various things and will allow me to now guide them safely as they start to explore the Internet. I know other schools don't always provide these sorts of opportunities for parents so I really appreciate this.

I would just like to thank you and the foundation stage staff members for a great day on Friday.

Firstly the foundation stage nativity was excellent, my wife and I really enjoyed the whole production. It was great to be at the front to watch my son.

Secondly I would like to thank the staff for letting me come back in the afternoon for a stay and play. It was really nice to see my son and his friends at school. I know my son really enjoyed having me there, and it was great fun to play with him and see him doing so well.

Mrs Harries and Mrs Bolton were great and made me feel very welcome.

Thank you very much for such a great day.

A massive, massive thank you to all the staff who made this fantastic trip to London such a success. My daughter had such a good time – I suspect the memories of this trip will stay with her for life. A big thumbs up also for all the images you uploaded (which you didn't have to do!); it was lovely seeing the children enjoying themselves and following their activities throughout the day.

I have to admit the one image that really struck me was the one showing 'corridor duty' at night. At first I chuckled, then it made me stop and think, and realise how much planning, effort and diligence goes into planning such trips - every possible detail is thought of and trouble-shooted (is there such a word?!) to make sure everything goes smoothly and without a hitch. Yet being unseen, it all gets taken for granted. You're all stars! Thank you for making our children's lives richer and fuller.

Questionnaire Comments 2016

It’s wonderful to hear such lovely comments about my daughter.  She tries very hard so it’s great to see her effort is showing and she is doing well.  She has enjoyed her first year at school and having teachers like Mrs Harries and Miss Lewis has been great, they’re a credit to the school.

My daughter has made great progress in her first year and after her transition week she is looking forward to moving up to KS1.

Leavers Lunch 2017

Just wanted to say thank you to all the staff for making us feel like VIPs today!!  It was a lovely lunch as always, but made extra special by the wonderful service!!

Thanks again