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Moving Schools - In Year Transfer

The school year runs from September to July.

A move to a different school at any time other than admission to reception, transfer to junior or transfer to secondary is known as an ‘in-year transfer’. This could be a move between Peterborough schools or a move to a Peterborough school from a school in a different area.

You will need to make an in-year school application if:

  • your child lives in Peterborough and does not currently have a school place
  • you have a school place but wish to transfer to a school in Peterborough
  • you have recently arrived in Peterborough and you have school aged children.

If you want to transfer to a school that is not in Peterborough you will need to contact your new local authority to ask about their admissions process.

You can find your new local council by clicking the button.

Find Your Local Council

Please contact the school on 01733 370646 and ask if the school has any vacancies.

Due to the high demand for school places in Peterborough, if you are  offered a place at our school, your child must start as soon as possible.

Please note: under no circumstances should you withdraw your child from their current school before an alternative school place has been allocated.

The Local Authority processes applications by following a schedule and you can find this information on their  In Year Allocation Dates page. If you have not had a letter advising you of the outcome of your application after 15 school days after this was received by the Admissions Team (this does not include weekends or school holidays) please email for an update. 

If they are unable to offer you a place at any of your preferred schools, they will try to offer you a place at the nearest school to your home address with a vacancy at the time. This may not be the school nearest to your home address. Your child will however, remain on the waiting lists for your preferred schools until a place can be offered or until the end of the academic year (31 August). 

It is the Local Authorities responsibility to provide your child with a suitable school place within a reasonable distance from your home.

Please note: this may not be one of your preferred schools.

School admissions booklet

The admissions booklet contains information to help you choose the right schools. It provides information regarding the admissions process. Please read it carefully before applying.