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Parents' Zone

‘This school does its best to address parents’ concerns and is willing to change tactics and styles with regards to teaching and discipline in order to find out what works best.’

Parent comment during Ofsted 2011

Working with parents and carers is essential and we are very proud that this area of our work has been judged as Outstanding by Ofsted in our last three inspections.

Our expertise in this area was highlighed when Ofsted visited us in 2010 to look specifically at our partnership with parents. We were delighted with the results of the inspection and the full report can be accessed below.

We know that our parents and carers have a high expectation of us as a school, and we have a high expectation of them in return. Following the 2010 inspection, we worked with staff, parents, carers and governors to draw up a Parents' Charter which sets out what the school expects from its parent body. The document can be accessed below.